APPT Sydney: The kids are alright

The start of the poker boom in Australia can be traced back to a single date: July 13, 2005. That was the day that Joe Hachem was crowned the World Series of Poker main event champion. Within weeks, poker rooms around the country were being packed with a new breed of player. Three years later, the young guns have taken over the local scene, as shown by the results in the major local events in 2008.

Players like James Broom (Melbourne champion), Jay Kinkade (Australia’s number one ranked online player and the 2008 Victorian champion) and Van Marcus (APPT Manila main event winner) lead a long list of young champions challenging the old guard that has dominated the game here for more than a decade.

Another one of those young stars emerging through the ranks is Jarred flopnutsonyou Graham, a multiple title winner online this year who is ranked firmly in the top five online players in Australia.


Jarred Graham treads warily in the early going.

He’s also among the early movers today after he claimed one of the first scalps of the day. On a flop of Q-J-10 with three players in the hand, there was a bet of 1,100, Graham made it 3,000 with one caller. The turn was a 6, it was checked to Graham who bet 4,000 and took it down.

The same two players were at it again just minutes later after a flop of K-8-2. Graham shoved over the top all-in and, surprisingly, received a call. His opponent showed K-10 for top pair, but Graham showed pocket aces and took down his first scalp of the day.

APPT tournament director Danny McDonagh has confirmed today’s day 1A field at 108, with players currently on their first break midway through level 2 (blinds at 100/200).

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