APPT Sydney: This challenge won't Petar out

Here’s the scenario: there’s 15 minutes to go at level 13 (1200/2400 with a 400 ante), the average stack is 116,000, you lose a big pot and get left with 4500.

Limp out? Not Petar Lackovic, who has staged an amazing comeback since his pair of kings was overtaken by a set of kings to leave him with nine purple 500 chips.

You can take the boy out of Perth but you can’t Perth out of the boy – Lackovic has since gone on a charge and after his A-9 connected on the flop against Jason Gray’s pocket 10s, his stack had climbed back above 55,000. Last year Petar’s brother Aleks cashed 49th in this event.


"That's nice, and so's the massage": Petar Lackovic chips up

And a quick look at last year’s results reveals that two players remain in contention for successive in-the-money finishes, South African Gary Diamond and former Brit Patrick Fletcher – both now Sydney residents.


Gary Diamond aims for another APPT Grand Final cash

We also just took a look back at last year’s event to see how the tournament was progressing at the same point. Just two of the 10 players among the chip leaders went on to make the final table – eventual winner Grant Levy and Sol Bergren, who finished fourth.

Players have just returned from a break with just 28 spots until the bubble is reached. Blinds are now up to level 14 (1500/3000 with an ante of 500). Five players have more than 200,000 in chips – Brendan Edmonds (400,000), Stewart Davidson (340,000), Antonio Fazzolari (335,000), Jamie Pickering (260,000) and David Lee (240,000).

Before getting back to the action, David Lee told our video team about poker in Australia and Asia...

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