APPT Sydney: Tummy rumbles as Grunter stumbles

We’re on the downhill stretch to the dinner break on day 1B of the APPT Grand Final, with 144 players still seated of the 172 who crossed the start line.

Since the last break, the cry of “all-in” and “call” has started to echo across the poker room as the short stacks come under attack. Already, Sam Youssef, Sheldon Mayer, Billy Argyros, Peter Pratis and Reza Vakili have been eliminated.

The title defence of Grant 'Grunter' Levy is on the ropes as his stack falls dangerously close to the felt. The PokerStars Sponsored player has struggled to get anything going today – despite holding around 7000 in chips, don’t expect last year’s winner to give up without a fight.


Grant Levy: Cracking a grin after cracking aces

Barely had that last sentence been completed when the Levy fans erupted on the rail after their man doubled up when he hit a set of nines on the flop against pocket aces. He runs well.

As Levy can attest, winning a tournament of this size and stature is hard enough without throwing away a winning hand. That’s what we just saw while catching up on the progress of young Aussie online star Ben Delaney.

After a flop of As-Jd-Ks, Delaney called a bet of 1100 and the turn came 4s. Delaney bet 4000 on the river of Qs before his opponent open-mucked Ad-Js. Sometimes, the nut flush (just the 10s short of a royal flush) isn’t that obvious!

The impressively named Alexander Forslof Söderlund of Sweden is our new chip leader on 90,000 but Team PokerStars Pro Gavin Griffin lies second on 77,000.


Gavin Griffin is off to a flyer in the APPT Grand Final

Aussie Chris Levick was happy to take a nice pot off Griffin, a small measure of revenge against Team PokerStars after he was KOed by Joe Hachem in last year’s APPT Grand Final.

Levick, who operates several poker venues throughout Sydney, has two APPT cashes to his name and has been a tireless contributor to the local poker industry in recent years. Even Gavin can cope with a small contribution for the good of Aussie poker.