APPT Sydney: We'll crown another million-dollar man

The key numbers have just been confirmed for the final event of the 2008 APPT, and for the second year in-a-row, players in the APPT Grand Final will be playing for a first prize of AUD $1 million.

The field of 197 players today takes the total to 477, meaning a total prize pool is AUD $2,862,000. The top 48 players will be assured a payout.

One of the players who’s been quick to put up his hand for a slice of that prize pool is Jay Huxley. Just three levels into day’s play, Huxley’s stack is just under 100,000 after he took down a massive pot against Brad Milinkovic when their chips went in on a flop of 10d-Qd-7c. Huxley showed pocket 10s, Milinkovic had pocket sevens and the champagne corks were cracking when the final 10 sailed down the river.

To rub salt into the wound, Milinkovic was sent to the rail just a few hands later when he ran A-K into pocket nines on a flop of 9-A-8. Sometimes, it’s just not your day.

Tony Hachem appears to have purchased a loop ticket for his roller coaster ride today, and recently tested the tolerance of the tournament staff with an expletive-filled rant when his opponent rivered a flush. The PokerStars player is down to just 3000.

Meanwhile, Tony’s older brother Joe isn’t faring much better and is down to just 7000 after a frustrating session at the feature table for the Team PokerStars Pro.


"Hey, you look familiar": Petar and Nik Lackovic

Another set of brothers in the field, Perth’s Nik and Petar Lackovic, are travelling much better than the Hachems. The siblings even spent a few minutes sitting together before APPT tournament director Danny McDonagh delivered a tap on the shoulder to separate them. Nik is on 21,000 while Petar has 25,000 in his stack.

Any of these players have a chance to win this thing, but they'd better listen to the advice of someone who's pretty good at winning big tournaments - here former world champion Joe Hachem talks tournament strategy...

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