APPT Sydney: When the music's over

It’s not possible to win the APPT Grand Final during level one of the opening day, but your chances can sure end.

Sadly, we’ve just spotted a forlorn Brian McFadden wandering by after tangled with Gursel Ali shortly before the first break. In three-way action and with the board showing K-8-5-2, Ali bet 10,000, McFadden pushed all-in, the third player folded and Ali called.

The former Westlife singer showed A-K for top-pair, but Ali’s pocket eights (for a set) meant an end for the PokerStars Sponsored player before track one had even finished.

In contrast, Carter Gill could easily have followed McFadden to the rail but made a stellar move on a flop of A-J-6. With an opponent all-in, Gill folded pocket sixes and celebrated when the other player showed pocket sixes.


Tony Hachem: He's looking happier now

But pocket jacks did Tony Hachem no favours as he lost three-quarters of his stack in the early going today. Three players saw a flop of 7c-7s-3h, Brendan Edmonds bet 600 and both players called. The turn was Jd, Edmonds bet 1200 after Hachem checked, the third player folded and Hachem called.

The river was 9s, Edmonds bet 12,000, Hachem pushed all-in and Edmonds called, and showed pocket jacks for a full-house. Hachem showed pocket threes for a smaller full-house, leaving him just over 5000. However, the smile is back on the face of the affable PokerStars Sponsored player after his pocket aces just grew into quads, pushing him back over the 12,000-chip mark.