APPT Sydney: Wristy business for Tahtouh

The steady stream of PokerStars Sponsored players has continued out of the poker area at Star City Casino in Sydney as we enter the evening session on day 1C of the APPT Grand Final.

On the last hand before the dinner break, APPT Seoul winner Yoshihiro Tasaka added an extra few thousand chips to the ever-growing stack of Jay Huxley. With the board showing Kc-5s-10d-5c-7d, Huxley bet enough to put the Japanese player all-in, and he duly obliged after a long time in the tank. But his A-10 fell short of Huxley’s 8d-5d, good for trips.


Cohiba time for Emad Tahtouh

Then minutes after the hungry horde had returned to their seats, Emad Tahtouh was freed to return to the buffet for a snifter of cognac and a cigar when his A-J stayed dominated by A-K. It was an unhappy day for the PokerStars Sponsored player, who never looked comfortable as he nursed a painful hand injury. It can be a dangerous game.

A quick wrap of the other PokerStars folk still in contention reveals 2003 world champ Chris Moneymaker leading the bunch on 60,000, while three of this year’s APPT champions – Eddy Sabat (18,000), Daniel Craker (19,000) and Van Marcus (14,000) – are all below the chip average. Ivan Tan has 21,000 but Masa Kagawa is looking solid with more than 35,000 in front of him.


Ivan Tan is aiming for a third APPT cash

Huxley is now a clear leader with the only stack north of 100,000 as play ticks into level six (blinds 250/500 with an ante of 50) and just one level to play this evening.

Before his exit, Tahtouh told our video team how he thought events might shape up...

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