APPT Sydney: Young guns misfiring

We could make some cheap jibe about it being bedtime for the youngsters as we enter the evening session on day 1A of the APPT Grand Final at Star City. But we won’t. Instead, here are the details of how two of the more youthful members of today’s field have been sent to the rail.


Celina Lin + A-6 = elimination.

PokerStars Sponsored player Celina bondgirl Lin committed the last of her chips with A-6 and found herself up against A-K. The board brought no help and the popular Melbournian was out of the tournament.

Steve stevo Leonard’s departure was far messier. He committed the last of his chips with Ah-7h on a board of 2s-6h-3s-2h-Kh. Nut flush good? Not if your opponent has pocket deuces.


Oh no, as stevo gets the heave-ho.

Jay Kinkade always needed help with A-K against the pocket kings of Mark Deutsch and it didn’t come, as the board ran out 5s-Qh-2c-7s-10h. And here is today’s trivia item: not only is Kinkade a gun poker player, he is also the guitarist for Perth thrash metal band Distortion. And he seems such a nice boy.

The post-dinner devastation has also claimed Josh Pang Ang, who bubbled the final table at the last APPT stop in Manila. The Singaporean’s stack swung worse than the Dow Jones over the past few weeks before he missed a flush draw against the straight of Phil Wilcox, who now occupies the chip lead with more than 90,000.


Anguish for Josh Pang Ang.

Fresh from a final table in the PokerNews Cup main event, Dave Lee collected some valuable chips at the expense of Perth cash-game specialist Jovan Skekic, while Jarred Graham and Jim Sachinidis have also been eliminated since dinner.

With play midway through level six (blinds at 250/500 with an ante of 50) and about two hours of play remaining, 63 of the 108 players that started day 1A are still in contention.