APPT Cebu: Hanes rains on the Hachem parade

By Landon Blackhall

Day 1B in the APPT Cebu Main Event is starting to take shape, with more big names hitting the rail and an outright chip leader emerging. Team Australia Pro Tony Hachem has enjoyed phenomenal success this year, having secured the ANZPT Player of the Year Award after cashing in four out of the five events.

However the newly engaged Hachem is now sharing his tale of woe with the ladies in the Bad Beat Lounge after having been eliminated at the hands of US PokerStars Qualifier Johnny Hanes.

With five-way action into a flop of 7♦ [10d] 4♥, Priscilla Meirelles checked to the big blind opponent who opened for 1100. Hanes moved all-in for around 35,000 and Hachem went into the tank for several minutes before making a crying call as the others got out of the way.


And here comes the card Tony Hachem didn't want to see ...

Hachem tabled pocket fours for a flopped set and was in great shape but Hanes had outs with K♦ 4♦ for a flush draw. The turn of 6♠ was not one of them, but the river Q♦ gave Hanes his flush. Hanes shook Hachem's hand and apologised for ruining his day.

Hachem joins Team Asia Pro Tae Jun Noh on the rail. On a flop that read [10h] 8♥ 3♣, Noh shoved with A♥ 9♥ only to be snap-called by an opponent holding pocket threes. The turn and river ran out running nines to make his opponent's full house.

The struggle continues for fellow Team Asia Pro Jonathan Lin. Having been as low as 2,500, he has managed to claw back to 6000. Lin would love to have just a few of the 78,500 in chips held by chip leader Michael Spinasanta.


The long trek to the Philippines has paid some early dividends for day 1B chip leader Michael Spinasanta

The 30-year-old former loan officer and now full-time poker player has had a modest career to date but a healthy USD $32,166 for his 340th place at the 2008 WSOP Main Event was enough to build a handy bankroll. Spinasanta travelled all the way from Phoenix, Arizona to be here in Cebu.

"This is my first time to the Philippines but I'm loving it here. I got here a couple of days ago and me and my friends have been hitting up the tables, but we've also seen the sights in Cebu and gone jetskiing," he said.

Spinasanta considers himself more of an online player and admits that he hasn't had much live experience, but he's willing to change that and schedule some more travel. Considering his form today, he's well on his way to earning enough pesos to do so.

Speaking of pesos, APPT Tournament Director Danny McDonagh has just announced the payouts for this year's event. A total prize pool of PHP 29,086,420 (more than USD $620,000) has been generated, with the winner taking home PHP 7,410,000 or a tick over USD $158,000.

Earlier today, the team previewed day 1B:

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