APPT Cebu: Level 12 updates

Live updates from day 2, level 12 (blinds 1200-2400, ante 300) of the APPT Cebu Main Event brought to you by Sean Callander and Landon Blackhall from Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa in Cebu, Philippines. Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking here.

5.30pm: Hands up for Han

After more than four hours of play on day two, some big stacks have finally started to emerge in the APPT Cebu Main Event. We're just 20 short of the money with just over two hours of play to go.

Korea's Dong-Bin Han started the day with 51,100 but has skyrocketed up the chip count to 315,000 after eliminating Canada's Ty Nguyen. We caught the action on a flop that read 7♣ Q♣ A♠; Nguyen led out for 15,000 only to see Han raise to 35,000.

Nguyen pushed all-in, Han went into the tank for several minutes then called, turning over 7♠ 7♥ and was well ahead of Nguyen's A♦ K♦. Drawing thin to runners, the Canadian was sent to the rail when the turn and river bricked out 9♦ 8♥.

5.15pm: Poker's most famous Facebook profile pic

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5pm: Van in reverse

Australia's Van Marcus muttered two words: "CPR needed." A quick glance at his stack revealed just how horrific his day has been, as he headed to the last break with just 16,000.


The title defence of Van Marcus is looking shaky

It's not all bad for the 2008 APPT Manila champion, as he's keeping a close eye on his cousin, Rody Kaka. Looks like poker is in the blood, as Kaka is currently on 202,000 having managed to take a chunk of change from Mongolia's Bold Uundai.

"It's his first live tourney too, I'm so happy that he's doing well," Marcus said. "He'll be rapt to know that he's going to be written about to, he loves that stuff!"

Meanwhile Taipei PokerStars Player Terry Fan has a new rival in Philippines-based American Christian Demers, who is now on 240,000 in chips.

4.45pm: Four levels down, three to go

Players have just returned from their second break of the day, with just 70 of the 153 day-two starters still seated in the APPT Cebu Main Event. The light might be starting to dim outside - it gets dark early and quickly here - but for the remaining players, the light of a finish in the money is starting to appear at the end of the tunnel.

Hong Kong PokerStars Qualifier Elton Tsang has been confirmed as the winner of the last longer bet between several of Asia's top players after Hong Kong's Andrew Scott busted out late in level 11. Philippines' Lester Edoc raised from early position to 6000 and Canada's Ty Nguyen made the call from the button before Scott re-raised from the button to 20,000.

Edoc moved all-in over the top, Nguyen folded and Scott called, but it was one of those diabolical "kings into aces" situation. The aces of Edoc would hold up as the board ran out 8♥ 3♥ 4♣ 4♦ [10d], sending his stack up to 165,000 and Scott to the rail.

4.30pm: Celina Lin, loving her time in Cebu

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