APPT Cebu: Level 13 updates

Live updates from day 2, level 13 (blinds 1500-3000, ante 300) of the APPT Cebu Main Event brought to you by Sean Callander and Landon Blackhall from Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa in Cebu, Philippines. Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking here.

6.15pm: Power off, Willcocks on

As if there's not enough drama on the tournament floor ... we've just experienced a blackout in The Marquee at Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa. After briefly plunging the room into darkness, the generator kicked in and we're back in action. We're just 13 spots short of the money with more than 90 minutes to play on day two. One of the big movers in the past hour has been New Zealander Phillip Willcocks.

With a flop that read 2♦ 4♣ 3♥, Lester Edoc checked to Willcocks who led out for 5000. Edoc made it 15,000 to go, Willcocks called and the dealer peeled off the J♥ on the turn. Edoc check-called Willcocks' bet of 20,000 to see the river K♦; Willcocks fired out 60,000 and Edoc went into the tank for almost five minutes before making a call.

Willcocks rolled up A♣ 5♣ for the nut straight and Edoc mucked in disbelief, down to just 23,000 in chips. The Filipino was then picked off by the Kiwi a short time later after moving all-in for his last 18,000 with [10c] 6♣ on a flop that read 2♠ J♦ [10h]. Willcocks called with A♣ Q♣ and the dealer produced the goods on the turn Q♦. Needing a repeat 10 or a six, Edoc was sent to the rail when the river bricked out 7♠.

6pm: Back-to-back dreams over for Marcus

APPT Philippines defending champion Van Marcus will be sweating in one of two ways - either out in the sunshine at Shangri-la's Mactan Resort and Spa or on the rail watching his cousin Rody Kaka. We spoke to him about his elimination as he was heading to the cash game tables.

"I only had about 17,000 left and I pushed all in with A♣ [10c]. The guy in the big blind calls me with pocket sevens and the board bricks out," Marcus said, who won the 2008 APPT Manila Main Event after finishing fourth in the first event in 2007.

That guy in the big blind was Hong Kong PokerStars Cebu Satellite winner Robert Chow, who started the day with 61,300, and is still going strong with 120,000 in chips (the average is 109,000 with 56 players remaining).

5.45pm: Charity event to aid typhoon victims

As part of the 2009 APPT Cebu schedule, a charity event has been scheduled to aid victims of the typhoons that have devastated the country in recent months.

Typhoons Lupit, Miranae and Parma, and Tropical Storm Ketsana have wrought havoc on the Philippines, with more than 1000 people killed, homes and villages destroyed and floods across much of the country's north, the cumulative effects of which have stretched aid agencies to their limit.

The people of Manila and the Philippines have been gracious hosts of the APPT in the past two years, so the APPT was only too happy to give something back. We urge all players at APPT Cebu to enter the Philippines Floods Charity Event at 1pm on Sunday. Buy-in is PHP5000, with PHP5000 rebuys. Team Asia Pro Bryan Huang is already doing his bit:

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