APPT Cebu: Level 14 updates

Live updates from day 2, level 14 (blinds 2000-4000, ante 400) of the APPT Cebu Main Event brought to you by Sean Callander and Landon Blackhall from Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa in Cebu, Philippines. Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking here.

8pm: Till's tale of woe

German PokerStars Qualifier Till Umbach earned the unwanted title of "bubble boy" when he was eliminated in 41st place at the hands of Korea's Mike Kim, who placed second in the 2009 APPT Macau Main Event. Umbach moved all-in for his last 27,000 and Kim pushed all in over the top from the button. Everyone else got out of the way and the cards were tabled; Umbach showed A♠ J♦ but was behind Kim's A♥ K♠.

The flop of A♣ 4♣ 7♥ paired both players but kept the Korean ahead with his king kicker. Looking for a jack, there would be no help on the turn of the 8♠. It was all down to the river and it did bring paint - however it was not what Umbach was looking for and he sat there staring despondently at the Q♣ as the players cheered and gave high fives all around.

7.45pm: We're on the bubble

The proximity of the money has had a predictable impact on play with things tightening up noticeably with less than 30 minutes remaining on day two in the APPT Cebu Main Event. APPT tournament director Danny McDonagh has just evicted scores of supporters from the tournament area and hand-for-hand play announced.

Singapore PokerStars Qualifier Beng Hong "Joe" Ker eliminated two players on table nine to take us within reach of the bubble. Ker got his money into the middle pre-flop after the opponent in the cut-off raised all-in for 24,400 and Korea's Yong Suk Chang re-raised all in for 107,000.

When the cards were tabled, Ker was the massive favourite holding K♥ K♣, ahead of the 6♠ 6♦ of the cut-off opponent and the A♠ 3♠ of Chang, which took the rest of the table by surprise. The board bricked out 8♣ 7♥ 2♦ 3♥ Q♠; Ker now holds a stack of around 320,000 in chips.

Then Mongolia's Bold Uudnai was eliminated in a huge hand. His stack had been swinging wildly all day before he moved his last 9500 into the middle before the flop and was called by Australia's Rody Kaka before Elton Tsang moved all-in over the top.

"Why Elton, why did it have to be you?" Kaka asked, before open-mucking 8♠ 8♥. "Don't worry, I'm doing you a favour," Tsang replied, flipping over A♥ A♦ and was ahead of Uudnai who tabled 2♦ 2♣.

The flop of 2♥ [10s] A♣ gave both players a set and Uudnai slapped the table, thinking he was ahead but then realised and his face dropped. The dealer peeled the 8♣ on the turn and Kaka breathed a huge sigh of relief, knowing he had made a great laydown. Uudnai's tournament life came to an end when the 3♠ bricked out on the river

7.30pm: Livin' like kings in Cebu

The team chatted with a couple of PokerStars Qualifiers about their APPT Cebu experience - we think it's fair to assume that the secret will be out in time for 2010:

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7.15pm: Swede slips into contention

One player who's snuck under the radar today is Pontus Kers. The 25-year-old from Gävle in Sweden has been playing poker for five years and has already tasted success in this part of the world.

He won the HKD $10,000 buy-in six-handed event at last year's APPT Macau, winning more than HKD $300,000. This year, he pocketed almost HKD $900,000 for his fifth-place finish in the APPT Macau Main Event.


Jerry Delisle has been one of the great characters in The Marquee today

Kers is well positioned for another deep run in the APPT after he just doubled through PokerStars Qualifier Jerry Delisle when his bottom set of threes held up against the American's open-ended and straight flush draws. Kers is up to 170,000, Delisle down to 180,000 but both are still well positioned to make the money, which lies just four spots away.

7pm: Kiwi kicks clear

Players are just about to take their seats after the final break of day two, and we're just six spots short of the money with one level to go. New Zealand PokerStars Qualifier Phillip Willcocks has taken a stranglehold on table four and now sits on 370,000 in chips after eliminating another opponent, getting all the money in the middle with pocket kings against the opponent's A-4.


ANZPT Queensland runner-up Phillip Willcocks is the man to catch late on day two

The flop of A♠ K♠ A♣ gave both players a hand but Willcocks was well ahead with the full house. Having to dodge one out, it increased to four outs with the 2♥ on the turn but Willcocks would hold court with the [10c] completing the board.

Canada's Chris Lee has just been busted out at the hands of Cambodia-based German PokerStars Player Mike Gaertner. On a board that read 8♥ 5♣ 8♠ Q♠ 5♠, Lee checked to Gaertner who moved all-in, sending Lee into the tank for well over three minutes.

The Canadian eventually made the call with pocket kings, but Gaertner's Q♥ Q♣ was the winning hand and after the chips were cut down, Lee was deemed the shorter of the two stack by a margin of just a few hundred.