APPT Sydney: Bitter tweet for first elimination

By Landon Blackhall

A starting stack of 30,000, relaxed structure, AUD $1 million first prize ... no need to rush. Right? God bless poker players and their insatiable desire for action!

The combatants were Aussies Ricky Kroesen and Con Angelakis. On a flop that read 9♦ 4♣ 7♣, Angelakis tabled Q♥ Q♣ but was in a world of hurt against Kroesen's K♠ K♣. The turn and river bricked out 7♣, 8♦ leaving Angelakis with just 150 in chips, which he moved into the middle a short time later but was busted at the hands of Emad Moaref. Meanwhile Kroesen is up to 60,000.

Worst of all for Angelakis, news of his bust out immediately appeared on Star City's Twitter feed. This innovation is being beamed straight on to one of high-definition television screens in the room, with some questionable contributions from our blog team.

Players were also quickly informed via the Twitter feed of a tough beat suffered by Melbourne young gun Julian Powell. There was betting all the way between Powell and Phillip Kober, with most of their chips in the middle on a board showing A♦ K♥ Q♦ J♦ 9♣. Kober showed K♦ [10d] for the royal flush. Powell's cards went into the muck at the speed of a bullet.


"Royal? Think I'm beat": Tough start to day 1A for Julian Powell

In another big hand, Australian Ykmour Rami and Michael Teren checked down a flop and turn of J♥ A♥ 7♣ 7♦ but the action heated up when the dealer produced the river Q♠. Teren led out for 1000, Rami made it 6000 to go, Teren shoved the rest of his stack into the middle and Rami went deep into the tank before making a crying call.

Teren rolled up A♦ 7♥ for a full house; Rami shot up out his chair, clapped, pumped his fist and slammed down Q♥ Q♣ for the higher full house. "Pass the sugar," he cried as the pot was shipped in his direction. Teren looked forlorn but shot Rami a filthy look as he continued to boast loudly before leaving the room.


Winners are grinners: Ykmour Rami on the move early on day 1A

Rami's constant chatter and behaviour isn't endearing him to his tablemates in the early going, but with a stack of 65,000 in chips heading into the day's first break, he doesn't seem overly bothered. When players return from the 10-minute smoko, blinds will be at 100/200 with an ante of 25.