APPT Sydney: Day 2, level 12 updates

Live updates from day 2, level 12 (blinds 1200-2400, ante 300) of the APPT Grand Final brought to you by Sean Callander and Landon Blackhall from Star City Casino in Sydney, Australia. Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking here.

7.15pm: Pana goes straight to the point

Queensland's impressively named Panayotis "Pana" Flourentzou (161 points with a triple word score) has just sent compatriot Vesko Zmukic to the rail as we approach the final level of day two. With the money in the middle preflop, Zmukic was all in for his tournament life with J♠ [10s] and up against Flourentzou's 9♦ 8♦. The flop of J♣ 7♥ 2♥ put Zmukic ahead but Flourentzou spiked the [10c] on the turn for the jack high straight. With only four outs needed to stay alive, the river K♠ saw Flourentzou scoop the pot and end Zmukic's day.

7pm: Croc skinned

Billy "The Croc" Argyros has been eliminated on the cusp of the break. Aleks Brkovic raised to 5000 under the gun before the flop, Aaron azzabentonaces called as did Argyros on the big blind to go three ways into a flop of A♠ K♦ 9♠ which they all checked.

It was the same again on the turn of the 5♦, but when the dealer produced the 2♣ on the river, Argyros fired out 8000, Brkovic raised to 30,000, Benton folded and Argyros called, but mucked when he saw Brkovic roll up 4♣ 3♣ for the wheel.


After final-tabling the ANZPT Sydney Main Event here earlier this year, Billy "The Croc" Argyros is out of the APPT Grand Final

Left with just 3000 in chips, the Australian Poker Hall of Famer moved that all in the very next hand with K♦ J♠ from the small blind after the action folded around from Team Australia Pro Eric Assadourian's raise from under the gun. Assadourian tabled a junky 9♦ 7♥ but he snapped up The Croc's last chips when the board was spread 6♠ 7♦ 4♠ [10c] A♥.

6.45pm: Grigg's big week

It's ticked past beer o'clock (or wine-thirty, whatever your poison) and with the Christmas Party season well underway, Star City is pumping tonight with some well-lubricated Sydneysiders out for a big night. Players are just about to take their final break for the day, with 30 minutes to play in level 12 before the final 75-minute level of the day.

Our chip leader remains Tom Grigg, who has already tasted success here at Star City this week. He picked his way through a field of 91 players to emerge victorious in the $1650 Semi-Shootout/Bounty Event.


Why so sad? Tom Grigg has been one of the players of the tournament after his win in one of last week's preliminary events

After 14 hours of play and more than two hours battling Ali Ghezelbash heads-up, the 24-year-old clawed back from a 10:1 chip deficit and patiently waited to land the killer blow, earning him almost AUD $35,000. He's well placed for a much bigger payday in the APPT Grand Final.

6.30pm: Cohen on the comeback

Joel Cohen has clawed his way back to 142,000 in chips after eliminating fellow Aussie and PokerStars Qualifier Steve Quanborough. We rushed through the crowd and watched Quanborough put his tournament life on the line holding A♦ [10s] but he was in strife against Cohen's Q♠ Q♥. The board ran out [10c] 9♦ 3♠ 6♣ 9♣ and Quanborough quietly left the poker room.

Meanwhile Australian PokerStars Qualifier Sal Fazzino has had a day he'd rather forget. Having started the day 10th in chips with 116,500, he's now down to just 20,500 after Peter Skouteris doubled through him when his K♦ K♣ held up against Fazzino's 9♠ 8♠ on a board that fell Q♥ 2♥ 2♠ A♦ 6♥.

6.15pm: Team Pro on the tear Team Australia Pro Eric Assadourian is on fire, now on 287,000 in chips after eliminating Michael Pedley. Assadourian raised before the flop to 6000 and Pedley called to go heads-up to a flop of Q-2-2.


Sydney's own Eric Assadourian is well placed for a charge at the biggest title on offer in his hometown

Assadourian then check-raised Pedley's bet of 8000 and made it 17,000 to go before Pedley shoved the last of his stack. Assadourian snap-called and rolled up A-Q for two pair, queens up and top kicker against the 6♠ 5♠ of Pedley. The turn and river went brick-brick to send the West Australian packing.

6pm: Unassigned, and lovin' it

The team just caught up with Terrence unassigned Chan about his recent success in the PokerStars SCOOP and his solid run here in the APPT Grand Final:

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