APPT Sydney: Day 3, level 19 updates

Live updates from day 2, level 19 (blinds 6000-12,000, ante 1000) of the APPT Grand Final brought to you by Sean Callander and Landon Blackhall from Star City Casino in Sydney, Australia. Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking here.

9.45pm: 10s signal end for Ivin

Mike Ivin's day started in promising fashion with more than 370,000, good for seventh overall. However, the Aussie tournament veteran has bowed out of the APPT Grand Final short of the final table. The action folded around to David Saghabi, who raised pre-flop to 50,000, only for Ivin to move all-in over the top for 110,000.


A top-20 finish in the APPT Grand Final ranks up there with Mike Ivin's better results on home soil

Ernst Hermans then four-bet-insta-shoved, forcing Saghabi out of the way, Ivin tabled [10h] [10c] and found himself racing Hermans' A♠ Q♣. The flop of K♥ A♣ 4♣ put the Dutch PokerStars Qualifier in the lead and he stayed there as the turn and river ran out 5♠ 2♦ to eliminate the Australian in 19th place.

9.15pm: Three-of-a-kind slashes field to 19

French PokerStars Qualifier Antoine Amourette found no love from Australia's Aaron azzabentonaces Benton and was eliminated 22nd after moving all-in before the flop with A♠ 8♣ but was outdrawn by Benton's Q♦ 6♠ when the board was spread 4♠ 6♣ [10d] [10c] 3♣ - au revoir Amourette; bonjour to 1.2 million chips for Benton.

Australian online young gun Matthew onmyvplates Pearson was sent to the rail in 21st place after getting his money into the middle with pocket eights but lost the race against the A-J of New Zealand's Joseph Allis.


Matthew Pearson ended an impressive 2009 with 21st in the APPT Grand Final

The 20th place prize money of AUD $16,632 was collected from the cage by Linas Leonovis after being stacked down by Australia's David Saghabi, then eliminated at the hands of Dutch PokerStars Qualifier Ernst Hermans. Leonovis moved his last 19,000 into the middle preflop with Q-4 but Hermans hit the flush with K♣ Q♣ on a board of J♥ 2♦ 8♣ 6♣ J♣.

9pm: David in-Formosa

Sydneysider David Formosa has taken the outright chip lead with 1.52 million after eliminating Dutch PokerStars Qualifier Sander Aalders in 23rd. Formosa raised to 26,000 from early position and the action folded around to Aalders who re-raised to 86,000.

Formosa four-bet to 200,000, Aalders put all of his 530,000 in chips into the middle. Formosa snap-called, turning up K♠ K♣ and Aalders was in trouble, tabling Q♠ Q♥. The board ran out 3♣ 9♥ A♦ 3♦ [10s] to eliminate the Dutchman.


Give that man a round of applause: new chip leader David Formosa

The 41-year-old sports centre manager satellited his way into this tournament via Star City Casino and has been playing the game for six years. "I played a couple of the $1500 events in the WSOP, but this will be my biggest tournament cash," he said.

8.45pm: Stakes getting higher

Since the elimination of Team Australia Pro Eric Assadourian, it's been slow going for the remaining 23 players, with barely a hand played except for one we caught between Canadian PokerStars Qualifier Jacob Meyer and Australia's Barry Forrester.

Meyer raised to 25,000 from early and position and Forrester was the only caller to go heads-up into a flop of Q♦ J♠ 8♥, which both players checked, then did the same again with the turn of the 2♦.


Jacob Meyer (in the black cap) holds court on table 85

When the dealer snapped up the 6♠ on the river, Meyer fired out another shell of 25,000 and Forrester called, mucking after the Canadian PokerStars Qualifier showed J♣ [10c] for second pair to scoop the pot.

8.30pm: A word from Ernst

Amid the ocean of Aussies in the APPT Grand Final, Dutch PokerStars Qualifier Ernst Hermans is proudly waving the flag for Europe, as the crew discovered:

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