APPT Sydney: Day 3, level 21 updates

Live updates from day 3, level 21 (blinds 10,000-20,000, ante 2000) of the APPT Grand Final brought to you by Sean Callander and Landon Blackhall from Star City Casino in Sydney, Australia. Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking here.

12.45am: Lauricella out in 11th

Australia's Domenico Lauricella has been eliminated in 12th place, in the space of two hands, by Barry Forrester. Lauricella raised before the flop to 45,000 to under the gun and the action folded around to Forrester who called from the big blind to go heads-up to a flop of Q♦ [10h] 3♦.

Forrester check-called Lauricella's bet of 75,000, then both players checked the turn of the 7♣ before Forrester put out his last 100,000 on the river K♣. Lauricella called, but was reduced to just 61,000 when Forrester tabled A♥ J♥ for the uber-nuts.

He moved that all-in the next hand with Q♦ 4♥ but Forrester and Pana Flourentzou called and the two players checked all the way down a board of 6♣ A♣ 7♣ J♦ 3♣; Flourentzou showed 5♥ 5♦ but Forrester tabled A♥ Q♥ for top pair and more than one million in chips as Lauricella headed off to the cage to collect his $30,888.

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12.30am: Chink in Graham's armour

We've just begun to burn the midnight oil but we may need a couple more barrels as Panayotis Flourtenzou has scored a massive double up through Jarred flopnutsonyou Graham.

The action folded around to Graham who raised to 45,000 from late position before the flop. Dutch PokerStars Qualifier Ernst Hermans called from the cutoff and Flourentzou called from the button with three to the flop of 2♠ J♦ [10s].

Graham and Hermans checked to Flourentzou who opened for 100,000. Graham came out with a raise of 350,000 and Hermans folded before "Pana" moved all-in for a total for 39,000. Graham called, showing K♣ Q♠ for an up-and-down straight draw but was behind flopped set of Flourentzou who opened up [10h] [10d].

The set of 10s then improved to a full house as the turn and river produced 6♦ 6♥, doubling Flourentzou to 1,075,000 and Graham is now on 1,275,000 in chips.

12am: Midnight madness in the Sports Theatre

It's pumpkin time in the APPT Grand Final at Star City Casino with 12 players chasing nine spots at the final table. Australia's Barry Forrester and Andrew Hiscox have both been grinding away at short stacks but have clawed back into the game as the next break looms.

Forrester raised from early position to 50,000 before the flop and Flourentzou called. Both players checked the flop and turn of 9♥ 2♠ 8♣ 3♠, then Flourentzou fired out 55,000 on the river 4♣. Forrester called and "Pana" showed 7♦ 6♦ for a busted straight draw - Forrester's A♣ Q♦ was good enough to take the pot down and move up to 900,000 in chips while "Pana" slipped to 525,000.


He lost this pot, but Pana Flourentzou is hanging tough with the final table agonisingly close

Hiscox then moved all-in only moments later for his last 133,000 preflop with K♠ Q♠ and was called down by Aaron Benton who revealed A♥ 9♣. The flop of J♦ [10h] A♦ gave Hiscox Broadway and it was locked in as the nuts as the turn and river bricked out 2♥, [10d] to move Hiscox back up to 300,000 while Benton is still all smiles with 1.56 million in chips.

11.50pm: Kho KOed

Only moments after the last two eliminations, China's Kitson Kho hit the rail in 13th place. Queenslander Pana Flourentzou raised to 36,000 from early position, only to see Kho move all in from the cut-off for around 170,000 in chips.


The spectacularly-named Kitson Kho bows out in 13th

Flourentzou snap-called, tabling J♠ J♣ and was well ahead of the 9♥ 9♣ of Kho. The board of 7♠ 7♦ 6♠ 6♦ A♠ didn't improve either hand leaving Flourentzou to stack up a nice new pile of chips worth more than 585,000, and Kho $23,760 richer.

11.30pm: Lucky 13 decided

Just when we thought it couldn't get any slower, two players have been eliminated in quick succession. Australian David Saghabi's run in the APPT Grand Final came to an end in 15th place. The mortal wound was delivered at the hands of Aussie poker legend Leo Boxell, who raised pre-flop to 46,000 before Saghabi called from the small blind.

The dealer revealed the flop of Q♠ [10s] 6♥; Saghabi checked, Boxell fired out 100,000 and Saghabi insta-shoved. Boxell snap-called, tabling Q♥ [10d] for top two pair, well ahead of Saghabi's Q♣ J♥.

There was some hope on the turn of the 8♣, but the river A♠ was snapped. Saghabi gave a double-handed thumbs-down to his supporters on the rail, then put his last yellow 5000-chip into the middle on the next hand.

There were three limpers around him and the flop came down 5♠ [10c] 4♥. Wayne Carlson fired out a bet of 35,000 and the others got out of the way as Saghabi tabled a measly 8♥ 3♥ against Carlson's K♥ [10h]. The turn and river ran out Q♥ 9♣ - sayonara, Saghabi.


Jacob Meyer's struggles throughout the later portion of the evening ended with his elimination in 14th

It was then back down the stairs to table 85 where Canadian PokerStars Qualifier Jacob Meyer had moved his last 140,000 into the middle preflop with K♣ Q♠, but was called by Australia's Tom Grigg with A♣ J♣. The board was spread 5♦ 7♠ 3♦ 8♣ 8♠ and Meyer was busted in 14th place, for $23,760.