APPT Sydney: Final table, level 26 updates

Live updates from the final table, level 26 (blinds 30,000-60,000, ante 5000) of the APPT Grand Final brought to you by Sean Callander and Landon Blackhall from Star City Casino in Sydney, Australia. Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking here.

9.45pm: Tournament of Champions field announced

In a world exclusive (these things are relative), we can reveal the line-up for tomorrow's APPT Tournament of Champions. The nine players who'll take their seats at 1pm in the Sports Theatre will be Team Australia Pros Joe Hachem (who won this event in 2007), his younger brother Tony, Grant Levy and Eric Assadourian; winner of The Poker Star Amanda De Cesare (the first time she's been seated at the same table as mentor Joe Hachem), 2008, WSOP Main Event winner Peter Eastgate, 2008 APPT Manila winner Van Marcus, 2009 APPT Auckland champion Simon Watt and the player who emerges triumphantly from tonight's final table in the APPT Grand Final.


Joe Hachem celebrates victory in the 2007 APPT Tournament of Champions

9.30pm: Boxell bounces back

Leo Boxell has been ridin' the roller coaster since the dinner break. He lost then regained his stack of 1.75 million in the space of two hands against Dutch PokerStars Qualifier Ernst Hermans.

Boxell raised to 185,000 from the cut-off before the flop, Hermans re-raised to 465,000 from the small blind and Boxell four-bet to 965,000. Hermans snap-shoved and Boxell called but his Q♦ J♣ was well behind Hermans' K♦ K♣. The board ran out 8♦ 2♦ A♥ 8♣ A♦ to leave Boxell with just 800,000 and Hermans with 3.8 million.


Leo Boxell's mascot - the trusty wombat - keeps close watch on his stack

In the next hand Hermans raised pre-flop from the button to 135,000 and Boxell called from the big blind to see a flop 2♣ [10h] K♦. Both players checked to the turn of the 9♥; Boxell check-raised all-in for his last 645,000 after Hermans' bet of 275,000, tabling K♥ 9♦ for two pair against the A♦ [10c] of Hermans. The river bricked out 2♠ and Boxell was back to where he started on 2.1 million in chips.

9.15pm: previews the 2009 APPT Grand Final final table

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9pm: Wayne's world

Aaron Benton, Ernst Hermans and Wayne Carlson all limped in to see a flop of 7♠ 9♠ K♥. Benton led out for 100,000 and both Hermans and Carlson called before all three players checked the turn of the 7♣. On the river A♣, Benton and Hermans checked, Carlson fired out 100,000 and Benton called before getting out of the way. Carlson rolled up A♠ 7♥ for a rivered full house. "Very nice hand sir," Benton said before mucking his cards.


He might be the short stack, but Wayne Carlson ain't given up without a fight

8.45pm: Benton the man to catch

The four remaining players are back at the final table after a one-hour dinner break. They're cashed up, but a free feed at the Garden Buffet was the meal of choice for our 'Fab Four'. Meanwhile, many are partaking in a lazy beverage or two in the bar adjacent to the Sports Theatre as the two-week APPT Sydney festival of poker winds down.

Heading into level 26, with blinds up to 30,000/60,000 with a 5000 ante, Aaron Benton is the chip leader with 5,200,000, ahead of Leo Boxell (2,800,000), Ernst Hermans (2,250,000) and Wayne Carlson (1,450,000). There's a one-in-four chance that the APPT Grand Final trophy will be staying on home soil for the third year in-a-row.

8.30pm: Tom Grigg eliminated in fifth place, AUD $130,680

A stellar run through the APPT Grand Final has ended in fifth Aaron Benton, Tom Grigg and Wayne Carlson all checked the flop of J♥ 4♥ A♠. When the dealer snapped up the 8♦ on the turn, Benton checked, Grigg led out for 250,000, Carlson folded and Benton snap-shoved all in for an additional 700,000.

Grigg looked visibly ill as he went deep into the tank for about six minutes before making the call showing Q♦ J♦ but Benton slammed down A♥ 7♣.

The river bricked out with the 6♣, eliminating Grigg in fifth place and sending Benton's stack up to 5.2 million just before the remaining four players went on the dinner break.