APPT Sydney: Hachem's hopes dashed for another year

Joe Hachem tasted success here in Sydney two years ago when he won the first APPT Tournament of Champions, earning his charity of choice the Shane Warne Foundation a $50,000 donation.

But it's otherwise been leaning pickings on home soil for the 2005 WSOP champion and Team Australia Pro, and his hopes of a big win in the APPT Grand Final have been dashed for another year.


Much to the disappointment of his huge rail, Joe Hachem is out of the APPT Grand Final

Struggling for chips, Hachem was eliminated at the hands of fellow Aussie Liem "Jimmy" Tran. The action folded around to Tran who raised to 1600 before the flop; another opponent called but Hachem re-raised all-in for just over 10,000 in total.

Tran four-bet, the other opponent quickly got out of the way and Hachem revealed A♦ K♥ but was off to the races against Tran's Q♦ Q♣. The flop came down [10c] A♣ 3♣ to give Hachem the lead but Tran the nut flush draw. No such luck with the turn of the J♠, but Tran spiked the 4♣ on the river, and Hachem was headed for the nearest exit.

Raymond Wu is the sole remaining Team Asia Pro in the field after the elimination of Celina Lin at the hands of US PokerStars Player Michael Wong.

The action folded around to an opponent in middle position who raised to 2200 and Wong called from the cut-off before Lin re-raised all-in from the button, making it an additional 12,350 to go.

The middle position player folded and Wong thought about it for a couple of minutes before flicking three yellow 5000 chips over the line, tabling 5♠ 5♥ but was racing against Lin's A♦ K♥.

The K♦ appeared in the window, but the 5♦, 9♦ trailed behind to complete the flop, giving Wong bottom set but Lin some hope. The turn of the [10h] was no help, neither was the river A♥. Diamonds are supposed to be a girl's best friend!


Mrs Levy keeps a close eye on the progress of Mr Levy late on day 1C

However Team Australia Pro Grant Levy is seeing more chips coming his way. After moving his short stack into the middle with K♠ K♣ and found himself in the lead against an opponent's A♠ K♦.

The board was spread J♥ Q♠ J♦ 5♠ 5♣ and Levy's number one fan and wife Sharon is no longer having heart palpitations as Levy stacks up 47,000.


The total entertainment package that is David Saab has been eliminated

The peaceful ambience of chips, chat and the Star City Snap continues as we play out the final level of the day, sans the booming voice of David Saab. He was eliminated courtesy of Taiwan's Hung Tu Wang after he moved all in with A♦ 8♥, only to be dominated by Wang's A♣ Q♣ and never hit on a jack-high board.