APPT Sydney: A case of landmark envy

By Landon Blackhall

Star City Casino isn't the only iconic Sydney property receiving a facelift at the moment. More than AUD $1 billion is being invested in the refurbishment of the Sydney Opera House, one of the most instantly recognisable landmarks of a city anywhere on the face of the planet.

However, the Opera House's history has been beset with controversy. Danish designer Jørn Utzon was lauded for his design, but his short temper and reputation for being obsessive led to his downfall. Utzon demanded constant changes to the plans, which led to his eventual sacking by the NSW Government. Of the day. To add insult to injury, he was not invited to the opening ceremony in 1973.


Big house with a big personality: the Sydney Opera House

Despite all the turmoil, the Sydney Opera House is one of the most treasured icons in Australia and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the country's Mecca for performing arts, housing Opera Australia, The Australian Ballet, Sydney Theatre Company and the Sydney Symphony.

We have an artist of sorts in the Star City Poker Room today: Dustin Dorrance-Brown. The PokerStars Supernova Elite was in the Philippines for the last stop on the APPT, and was quick to invest some of his kitty on entry in the APPT Grand Final. He's sitting around the start stack of 30,000 and looking for successive APPT cashes.

Meanwhile, Rami Ykmour and Donna Ciric lead the day 1A field with less than 70 players remaining. Ykmour holds 75,000 while Ciric is close behind with 72,000. And we've just watched last year's APPT Grand Final runner-up Jason Gray crack an opponent's pocket aces with trip fives. He's up to almost 40,000.

Players are just back from a 20-minute break, with blinds up to 200/400 and an ante of 50.