APPT Sydney: Sharks circling for the cash

The perception that many visitors have of Australia and the reality are often far apart. No, there aren't kangaroos bounding through the Sydney CBD, we don't speak "Austrian" and don't normally end every sentence with the word "crikey".

But thanks to the late, great "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, visitors tend to be better educated about our wildlife, which leaves many fearing for their lives every time they step outside their hotel room.

Even the benign waters of Sydney Harbour adjacent to Star City Casino are home to numerous species of sharks, although mesh nets at designated beaches have helped ensure their hasn't been a fatal shark attack in these waters for more then 40 years. That said, a navy diver lost a hand and a leg in a shark attack in Sydney Harbour earlier this year.


At least the sharks at Sydney Aquarium are well fed!

Of course, Australia is also home to nine of the world's 10 most venomous snakes, several of which can be found in the bushland that cuts a swathe through the city's suburbs. And don't forget the Sydney Funnel-Wed Spider, which has killed more than 25 Australians in the past century.

It's safe to say that 99 per cent of Australians live their lives without ever laying eyes on a shark, snake or spider, but that's often little comfort to visitors from abroad. Wait, let us tell you about the crocodiles, and the cone shell, and the box jellyfish, and the Blue-Ringed Octopus, and the ...

Fair to say there'll be the odd card shark or two circling in the Star City Poker Room for day two of the APPT Grand Final today. Play will be underway at 12.15pm local time, with six 75-minute levels scheduled unless the field is reduced to 48. Structure available for today's play:

Level 8: 500/1000 (ante 100)
Level 9: 600/1200 (ante 200)
Level 10: 800/1600 (ante 200)
Level 11: 1000/2000 (ante 300)
Level 12: 1200/2400 (ante 400)
Level 13: 1500/3000 (ante 500)

Top 10 chip count at the start of day 2

Anton Blagov (Australia) 166,800
Hai Bo Chu (Australia) 151,300
Leo Boxell (Australia) 147,700
Tom Grigg (Australia) 141,500
Joel Cohen (Australia) 137,700
David Campbell (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 129,700
Carlos Chang (Taiwan) PokerStars Qualifier 126,700
Stewart Davidson (Australia) 121,700
Jarred Graham (Australia) 117,100
Sal Fazzino (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 116,500