APPT Macau: Day 3, level 19, 20 & 21 updates (8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante)

7.35pm Housekeeping
The final nine players will return tomorrow for a 12.15pm start. We'll have a wrap with you shortly.

Take a look at the payouts so far over here, and marvel at the following chips: -- SY

Cole Swannack, 1,262,000
Jeppe Drivsholm, 1,223,000
Brian Green, 970,000
Chong Cheong, 904,000
Kenny Nielsen, 791,000
Kai Paulsen, 528,000
Albert Kim, 436,000
Victorino Torres, 396,000
Keith Hawkins, 174,000


Chip leader: Cole Swannack

7.30pm: Wee Yee Tan out in 10th, final table set
That's it! We're down to nine players after Wee Yee Tan fell to Cole Swannack. John Chong had opened for 38,000 from the cut-off and Swannack made the call from the button before Tan moved in for 98,000. Chong made the call but then Swannack moved all in with for more than a million! Chong got out of the way, shaking his head.

Tan: J♣9♥
Swannack: A♥Q♦

The flop was a 6♥7♥Q♥, extending Swannack's lead with top pair and a flush draw. The turn was 3♠ ending it for Tan, while the 3♥ river served only to improve Swannack to a flush. -- SY

7.25pm: Kronwitter out in 11th
Jonas Kronwitter went all in with [10h][10d] for 170,000 and was called by Brian Green with Q♠[10s]. The flop was emphatic, coming Q♣9♥A♦, the turn was 4♠ and river K♠, sending the German back to Europe with $178,200 HKD. -- SY

Jonas Kronwitter

7.10pm: Aronov out in 12th
Samuel Aronov opened with a bet of 40,000. It was folded around to John Chong in the big blind, who re-raised by another 96,000. Aronov moved all in for 300,000 - instantly called by Chong.

Aronov: K♦J♥
Chong: A♣[10h]

The flop changed nothing, coming 5♣8♥9♣, but the turn was A♦ giving Chong an unbeatable lead. The 2♠ river was for display purposes only. Chong stood up and shook Aronov's hand, and the young PokerStars qualifier from the US goes home with $178,200 HKD - about $22,800 USD. -- SY


Samuel Aronov

6.51pm: Short break
There's a ten-minute break before we return for level 21, where blinds will be 8,000-16,000 with a 2,000 ante. -- SY

6.50pm: Big double up for Swannack
Finally something doesn't go John Chong's way. He and Cole Swannack saw a 9♣[10d]4♥ flop, and with 230,000 in the pot already, Swannack moved all in for around 450,000 more. Chong called.

Chong: A♠9♠
Swannack: A♥A♦

The aces held up on the 4♠ turn and 5♦ river, and Swannack moves up to 1.1 million to challenge the chip lead. -- GG


Cole Swannack: more pleased than he looks

6.45pm: Kronwitter doubles
Jonas Kronwitter was all in from the small blind for 88,000 with only Victorino Torres to get through in the big blind. But Torres woke up with 4♦4♣, nicely ahead of the German's A♣2♦. No messing about here, though. The board ran 7♣2♣2♠9♠6♥ to give Kronwitter trips. -- SY

6.40pm: Weeeee - Wee Tan doubles
Wee Yee Tan was all in with 4♥4♣ for 180,000 - and got a call from Albert Kim with 7♠7♣. Tan was on the verge of elimination until the board ran 6♠4♦2♦6♥2♠ to give him a full house. -- SY


Get in: Wee Yee Tan doubles

6.30pm: Binh busted
Binh Nguyen is out in 13th place a victim - yet another one - of John Chong, for whom everything is going swimmingly. Chong opened for 27,000 and Nguyen called from the button. They saw a 3♥Q♣6♣ flop and it kicked off... Nguyen bet 50,000, Chong instantly moved all in and Nguyen called in a flash - around 200,000 total.

Nguyen: K♣Q♥ for top pair
Chong: 5♣3♣ for bottom pair and flush draw

Chong has hit most things today - and the turn was 9♣ filling his flush. It also gave Nguyen outs for a re-draw flush, but the 2♦ river ended his day.

A reminder that you can keep up with all the prize payouts as they happen over on the, you guessed, prize payout page. -- SY


Binh Nguyen leaves

6.20pm: Torres ups the gears
Victorino Torres is getting more involved and has taken two nice pots in a row to move up to 700,000. First he opened for 28,000 and got a call from Kai Paulsen in the big blind. Both checked the 9♦A♠K♥ flop, Paulsen then check-called Torres' 30,000 bet on the 2♦ and also his 60,000 bet on the Q♦ river. But Paulsen mucked when Torres produced K♦4♦ for the flush.

Next hand Torres made it 28,000 again and this time got calls from Jeppe Drivsholm and from Paulsen. The flop was Q♦8♦3♠ and Torres checked. Drivsholm made it 45,000, getting a fold from Kai Paulsen, but Torres then check-raised to 110,000. That was enough to take another nice pot. -- SY

6pm: Vorapanich downed
TJ Vorapanich, chip leader when they sat down today, is now out. John Chong made it 25,000 and Vorapanich moved in for 51,000. Call. Chong had a measly 4♥3♦ to Vorapanich's equally poor 6♦4♦, but the board ran K♠[10c]9♠[10s]3♣ - a cruel river that sent the pot to Chong and Vorapanich to the rail. -- SY

5.55pm: Drivsholm busts one, takes lead
Jeppe Drivsholm and Mikhail Mazunin saw a board of 8♣5♦Q♥6♦ and all the money went in. It was a huge pot - and here's why... Mazunin had pocket rockets, but Drivsholm was sitting there with 7♠9♥ for the nut straight! That sent the Russian home in 15th place, and Drivsholm over the one million chip mark. -- TD


Up: Jeppe Drivsholm


Out: Mikhail Mazunin

5.53pm: Level up
We move into level 20, with blinds at 6,000-12,000 and a 1,000 ante. -- SY

5.50pm: TJ clouted
TJ Vorapanich is down to 60,000 after an almighty tangle with Cole Swannack. On a 4♣9♥3♠ flop Vorapanich moved in with 5♣6♥ and was called by Swananck with K♥9♦. Vorapanish failed to make his straight on the 8♥ turn and 8♦ river. -- TD

5.45pm: Million dollar man
John Chong is the first player to make it through the one million mark - by 40,000 chips. -- SY

5.40pm: Rubie routed
Brendon Rubie's deep run at APPT Macau is over. He had only around 40,000 left, and when Keith Hawkins opened for 23,000, he moved all in. Call:

Hawkins: J♠[10d]
Rubie: 8♦[10h]

Before the board was dealt, tournament staff announced: "Here we have a battle of the Aussies," much to the fury of proud Englishman Hawkins.

"Whhhhaaaaat!" he said. "I am NOT from Australia. That is the worst insult you could make."

He got a light-hearted apology and the dealer got on with the job in hand. The board ran 6♦6♣7♠4♣3♦. Rubie was out, and we're down to 15. -- SY

5.35pm: Chong soaring
Although he began the hand in front, once the board was spread J♠2♣K♥[10s]3♠, Yoo found himself on the rail in 19th place after being the longest lasting Korean player. - TD

Samuel Aronov opened to 25,000 from middle position and found a caller in Wing Cheong Chong from the button to see a flop of K♣2♠A♠ fall.

Aronov fired out 43,000 and Chong made the call as the dealer produced the 2♦ on the turn with Aronov leading for 43,000.

Chong took a little more time before making the call as both players checked the 5♦ on the river. Aronov tabled his 4♠4♣, but it would be Chong's K♠[10h] enough to take down the pot and see the Hong Kong native climb to over 910,000 in chips. -- TD

5.05pm: Redraw
Here's the table re-draw with chips:

Table 1
1 Brendon Rubie, 320,000
2 Jonas Kronwitter, 155,000
3 Mikhail Mazunin, 580,000
4 Victorino Torres, 450,000
5 Kenny Nielsen, 480,000
6 Jeppe Drivsholm, 240,000
7 Keith Hawkins, 185,000
8 Kai Paulsen, 710,000

Table 2
1 Binh Nguyen, 220,000
2 Wee Yee Tan, 220,000
3 Samuel Aranov, 485,000
4 Albert Kim, 760,000
5 Brian Green, 610,000
6 John Chong, 760,000
7 TJ Vorapanich, 300,000
8 Cole Swannack, 240,000

5pm: Lebedev leaves
Andriyan Lebedev is the latest to go. He was all-in pre-flop with Q♦[10h] but was up against Nielsen's A♥K♥. The board ran 6♦7♥6♥2♥9♥, and with that we were down to 16 players.

There is now a re-draw (which will be with you shortly) and we are down to two tables. -- SY


Adriyan Lebedev

4.55pm: Ip up and and away
Colin Ip is out, but at least he doesn't have far to go home as he lives right here in Macau. He raised, Kenny Nielsen re-raised, Ip shoved, Nielsen called.

Ip: K♥Q♥
Nielsen: Q♦J♣

That was good for Ip, but the board ran J♥3♠[10s]3♣6♥ to bust him out. -- SY


Colin Ip leaves

4.50pm: On we go
Having lost more than half the field in four levels, we've now got to get rid of nine more players before our final table is set.

Right now three men are chasing the lead. John Chong has it with 790,000, but not far behind is Albert Kim on 760,000, then Kai Paulsen on 700,000.

Blinds are now 5,000-10,000 with a 1,000 running ante. -- SY