APPT Manila: First ever PAGCOR Chairman's Cup

Welcome to Manila for the first ever staging of the PAGCOR Chairman's Cup in the sunny, busy, affordable capital of the Philippines. We were supposed to be at EPT Snowfest, rolling down wet hills and experiencing shattered bones for ourselves, but we turned our back on all that, swapping Celsius for Fahrenheit, for a taste of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour.

So to the PAGCOR Chairman's Cup. Don't worry, the answers are coming. PAGCOR is the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation while the chairman is Efraim C. Genuino, the CEO and the chap welcoming the 100 players of day 1A to the Manila Pavilion Hotel and Casino, our home for the next week for this APPT special event.

Manila by night

We could kick off with the well worn cliché about the temperature outside matching that of the tables inside, but to be honest we're coping fairly well with hotel air conditioning and a welcome that included a free umbrella and the promise of lunch.

The plan today is for seven one hour levels, starting at 1pm. But then, when did a 1pm start really mean 1pm. Among those taking their seats at some point will be the Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein and a selection of PokerStars qualifiers, the names of whom will hopefully become one of those mysteries easily solved. Same goes for the 100 or so others now milling around the bright green poker tables.

So, just as all you need to thrive on the roads of Manila is a horn and a gas pedal, all you need for the PAGCOR Chairman's Cup is a chip and a chair. All you need is a computer with an F5 button and you're set for updates throughout the day.

Play starts soon.