PAGCOR Chairman's Cup: Day 1B, level 1 and 2 updates (50-100)

3pm: Break time
Break time here in Manila. When players return in ten minutes time blinds will be 100-200 with a 25 ante.

2.55pm: To the river again
There was 5,000 already in the pot and a flop of 9♥6♣J♦ on the board when Carlos Chang and Warren Kiamco went at it. Chang in early position bet 3,500 which Kiamco called fast from the button. With a 2♥ turn both checked for a 4♣ river card. Another 6,500 from Chang this time and again Kiamco called, mucking slowly when Chang turned over his A♣A♥. Chang now up to 25,000.

2.50pm: Face in the crowd
Among the players today is Alex Pagulayan, nicknamed, among other things, "The Killer Pixie" in the world of professional pool, where he is a former winner of the world Pool Masters (2008), and the World nine-ball Championship in 2004.

2.45pm: To the river
A flop of 8♣5♣8♥ and two players going all the way. When Kent Del Rosario checked Fredino Atienza he made it 1,500 to play which Del Rosario called without fanfare. With an A♠ turn card the same pattern followed. Del Rosario checked, Atienza bet 2,500 this time, and Del Rosario called. On the J♥ river both checked, Del Rosario showing 4♦4♥ to Atienza's 6♦7♠.

2.40pm: Aces cracked
Jimmy Siu cracked the pocket aces Leslie Tan to double up to 13,000. He raised pre-flop and was only called by Tan. The chips went in on the Q♣T♦3♥ flop with Sui holding K♠J♦ for an open ended straight draw. Instant service on the turn with 9♥ to complete the straight. Lan still fairing okay on 25,000.

A player on note who recently joined their table is Vladimir Geshkenbein who recently won a big heads up tournament and also won the APPT Macau High Roller event last August for $266,705.

2.25pm: Ta-ta Te
Another player out, this time William Te Jr falling prey to the full house of Vicente Javier. On a board of 4♣J♦8♣J♣K♣ the money was in and so was Javier's J♠8♥. Nothing to beat that in Te's hand who slammed them down onto the table, not unlike Monito Santos earlier at the same table. Te out.

2.20pm: Oh Danny boy
Our TD Danny is helping to create the relaxed environment we're enjoying here in Manila by regularly getting on the PA system to welcome players and give regular updates to how things will be run today. He just welcomed out very own Team Asia Pros Celia Lin and Bryan Huang. When he introduced Huang he happened to mention how he did his best to bust out early of the ANZPT Perth just so he would make it in time to play here. Huang was in the middle of a hand (see below) and found it very difficult to keep a straight face.

Four players limped to see a 8♥6♠Q♦ flop where the big blind led for 400. Only Huang called from the small blind to go to the 9♠ turn. Both players checked to see the K♣ turn where a Huang bet of 2,500 to force a fold from his opponent. Huang up to 21,000.

2.05pm: Blinds up
Blinds up to 100-200 as we enter level two.

1.55pm: You had me on the flop, you had me on the flop
Some checking, a little betting, a lot of standing up and then some dramatics on the end - a hand that sent 20,000 to Monito Santos.

On a flop of 2♦4♣5♣ Santos bet 1,300, getting three callers for a 7♦ on the turn. Now Santos made it 5,000 to play, which was called in two places, by Joel Fernando and Tino Lechich. All three would check the 9♥ river though.

Fernando turned over pocket deuces, good but not good enough. Santos then signalled for Lechich to turn over his cards, he mucked his cards instead. Then Santos slammed his ace-three flopped straight onto the table. He soon went for a short walk, his stack nearly double what it was at the start.

1.40pm: 'I hate this call'
Three-way at the turn stage with the board reading T♦3♥4♦6♣. Action checked to the player in the cut-off who bet 400 and was called by Team PokerStars Asia Bryan Huang before the small blind raised to 1,400. The cut-off folded but Huang called to see the 2♣ river. The small blind led for 3,000 and Huang said "I hate this call" before throwing in the call.

The small blind revealed 8♥5♦ for a straight and Huang showed 6♠5♥ for the same straight. Chop it up. Huang on 18,500 right now.

1.25pm: All players are in their seats
The line at the registration desk has shrunk to nothing. All players are now registered and in their seats. The total players for today stands at 107 but this may well increase as registration will stay open for the first two levels.

1.15pm: Man down already
It took just three hands at table seven to lose our first player of the day. American Stefano De Caro handed his whole stack over to a Mongolian player by the name of Munkhorgif.

The action had reached the turn with the board reading J♠J♣5♥2♣. De Caro was in early position and saw his 1,500 bet raised up to 5,000 from Munkhorgif in the small blind. "I call" said a defiant De Caro.

"You call?" said the surprised Mongolian before seeing a T♣ fall on the river.

It was his turn to sound defiant now as he announced "all-in" for 13,700.

"I have to call," replied De Caro, tabling 9♣9♦.

It was no good though as Munkhorgif opened A♥J♦ for trip nines and the pot. A shocked looking De Caro sat there stunned before saying "Geez, did I have to get a pocket pair so early?"

1.01pm: Bravo
Player out after just three hands. Details to come.

1pm: We've started
Danny McDonagh is not a man for idle threats. He said this tournament would start at 1pm and it did, regardless of the line of 20 people still registering. This, after all, is "APPT time". It's the same at breaks, if you haven't got your dumplings down you when the whistle blows he'll carry on without you.

Anyway, play is under way in Manila. Word on numbers, players, etc. to come soon.

12.51pm: No delayed start
Tournament director Danny McDonagh has announced we will start on time.

12.50pm: Delayed start?
A long line of players is waiting to be assigned a seat for day 1B. Seems unlikely we'll start on time.

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PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manila: Stephen Bartley and Marc Convey.

Marc Convey
@PokerStars in Asia Pacific Poker Tour