PAGCOR Chairman's Cup: Level 3 and 4 updates (150-300, 25 ante)

5.50pm: Break time
Players are on another ten minute break at the end of level four.

5.40pm: Charlie finds his angels
Don Carmona opened the pot with a limp before Chung Ng raised to 1,000. Charlie Co then moved all in for his last 2,200 and was called by Andrew Scott and Ng but Carmona folded. Carmona didn't seem happy that he'd folded after he saw the flop and openly vented this frustration by banging the table. No one seemed to mind though and Ng and Scott checked it all the way down. The final board read 6♦9♠8♦3♠T♦ and Co opened Q♦Q♣ which was good for the pot as both his opponent's folded.

5.30pm: The Boy Yap
Mike Kim is out, his pocket nines no match for pocket aces. It was almost the same fate awaiting Mongolian Batsuran Tserendorj who moved all-in on a flop of 2♠2♦A♣ with A♥Q♥. He was agony-called by Jesus Boy Yap (real name) who showed A♦K♠ only for the turn J♣ and river 2♥ to split the pot.

5.20pm: Aces baby
There were three limps before Munkhbayar Nyamsuren made it 2,000 to go from the small blind. Seong Sou Jeo was the only caller to see the 6♠9♠3♥ flop. Nyamsuren led for 4,000 and was called by Sou Jeo to go to the J♥ flop. No messing about for Nyamsuren as he moved all in for around 23,000. The Korean though for a while and folded what he claimed was pocket kings. Nyamsuren tabled A♥A♠ and raked in the pot.

5.12pm: Greenstein on the losing end
Jerome Delos Santos limped in early position before Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein upped things to 1,400. Gi Youn Shin is next to Greenstein and he called in the cut off for a flop of 3♠9♥9♣.

Delos Santos checked to Greenstein who bet 2,000. That put off Shin who folded before Delos Santos called. On the 8♦ turn both checked and did the same on the 5♥ river. Delos Santos showed Q♠9♠. Greenstein nodded, checked his cards again and then mucked them, down a little to 30,000.

5.05pm: Another one gone
Another player falls. This time it's Samuel Peralta with six-seven. He hit on the flop but his caller hit a king. Peralta banged the table but was out, joining 13 others on the rail.

5pm: That's how he rolls!
Three players limped in from mid to late position before Tae Hyung Kim moved all in for 9,500. One-by-one the three players folded. Kim then opened his cards and what do you think he had? Queen-deuce of course! Rapturous laughter exploded from everyone at the table and Kim seemed to enjoy the limelight for a second.

4.50pm: Level up
Level 4 has started with blinds at 150/300 and a 25 ante.

4.50pm: Carmona sings a different song
Don Carmona is at it again. This time his yells are of frustration for something to come rather than not too come. He had pocket aces again and he was up Alex Calderon who had pocket tens. The action started with a Calderon raise from the button and a flat call from Carmona in the small blind to go to a 2♣T♥3♣. It didn't take long for all the chips to go into the middle. Carmona starting yelling for an ace but it didn't come through the 6♣ turn and K♦ river. Carmona had to hand over another 11,425 to his neighbor.

4.45pm: Concepcion Bajamin again
Bajamin Padilla Concepcion had doubled-up to 7,500 through PokerStars qualifier Max Gerard Savellano. Savellano limped in from late position before Bajamin moved all-in from the next for a total of 3,6000. "Ahhh, how much is it?" asked Savellano before making the call with A♣T♦. Concepcion opened K♥J♣ and the board came T♥7♦2♦K♣3♦ to double up the diminutive Concepcion.

4.35pm: What the...
All hell just broke loose on table six. You've heard the cheering and hollering but this was the first time I'd heard this kind of high-pitched yelp, like that noise R2-D2 makes when the mechanical device/Death Star he's trying to hack into, back fires.

Andrew Scott recounted the action (apologies for the lack of amounts). It went something like this.

American Scott Weissman limped before Don Carmona rasied. Andrew Scott called as did Weissman for a flop of 4♥J♠6♠. Both Scott and Wiessman checked before Carmona bet. Scott check-raised before Weissman shoved with pocket kings. Carmona shoved too with pocket aces before Scott folded his pocket queens.

Queue some of the weirdest noises you've heard in a while both on the T♦ turn and the 5♠ river. It was good for about another 17,000 to Carmona. Scott lived to tell the tale but Weissman is out.

4.25pm: Boom
Bercenio Ferdinand limped from under the gun. Mike Takayama raised to 725 which Alejandro Garcia called. With the action back on Ferdinand he immediately announced all-in, to no small amount of surprise to Takayama and Garcia who both folded.

4.15pm: Eights good
PokerStars qualifier Vartan Ohannesian has taken a pot off Frederick Leano to move up to 25,000. Nearly 2,000 had made it into the middle before the flop was dealt as 5♥7♣T♦. Ohannesian was happy to go in to check-call mode as he faced a 2,000 at his stage and a 3,200 bet on the 2♠ turn. Both checked the 9♠ and Ohannesian revealed 8♠8♣. Leano tapped the table and mucked his holding.

4pm: Regis sprinting
Ronald Regis has extended his chip lead over his table and is now up to 42,000. He got the last lot of chips from Francisco Aguilar. Both saw a 4♥3♠9♣ flop where Regis called a 600 bet from his opponent. The turn came J♠ and Aguilar bet 1,000 only to see Regis bump it up to 2,600. Call. The river 5♥ slowed Aguilar down to a check and faced a 4,800 bet from Regis. He made the call but looked disgusted when Regis tabled J♣9♦ for two-pair for the pot.

3.50pm: Players return
Noodles were laid on for the players at the first break. Very nice as well according to Tournament Director Danny McDonagh. Players are back now though for level three, with blinds now up to 100-200 with a 50 ante.


PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manila: Stephen Bartley and Marc Convey.