PAGCOR Chairman's Cup: Second flight take seats in Manila

We're all set for day 1B of the PAGCOR Chairman's Cup in downtown Manila. Well, we assume it's downtown.

Manila can be disorientating to the first time visitor. Gridlock and dizzying heat during the taxi journey here, and back now we think of it, makes it a vibrant hodgepodge of activity. That's pretty much how you'd describe day 1A, a day that reduced 99 to 44.

Today though a new bunch of contenders enter the fray, paying $2,500 for a shot at a guaranteed US$1 million, a matter to be decided after a final table next Thursday at the SMX convention Centre across town. Well, we assume it's across town.


Regardless, if today is anything like yesterday you're locked in for showdowns and action from the very beginning here. Poker players in these parts play with a refreshing cavalier abandon that is endearing, uplifting and entertaining in equal measure.

Players are arriving in the Manila Pavilion Hotel's Coral ballroom, which brims with bright green and pink poker tables, for seven one hour levels and a 20,000 starting stack. Noodles will be provided at the first break.

Bryan Huang plays the role of Barry Greenstein today, the lone Team PokerStars Pro in the field. Will he fair better than the Bear?

We should be under way in minutes. Stay tuned.