2014 ACOP High Roller: Germany's Fabian Quoss too strong

The final day of the 2014 ACOP 'MBP' High Roller was a marathon.

It was a true test of endurance.

The final hand of the day was dealt almost 17 hours after the first.

In the end, just prior to 8:00 a.m on Monday at PokerStars LIVE Macau, Germany's Fabian Quoss overcame Yu Liang heads-up to win the title and the HK$5,271,000 (~US$670,000) first-place prize.


Champion, Fabian Quoss

The ACOP 'MBP' HK$250,000 High Roller ran as a two-day event and played host to 83 total runners - 36 of whom made it through to Day 2.

It was the top ten players who were set to get paid and so there was a long way to go to make it into the money and ultimately crown the champion.

Liang Yu was the chip leader to start the day, but the lead then went to Anatoly Filatov and Fabian Quoss throughout the action.

Some of those who were eliminated long before the money was on the horizon include Sam Trickett, Pratyush Buddiga, Mustapha Kanit, Jack Salter, Sorel Mizzi and Phil Ivey.

It was one of those classic roller coaster days for Ivey. He was down to 300,000 in chips very early on Day 2 and then was quickly up over a million and threatening for the chip lead. Ivey didn't look like he was prepared to grind it out as he splashed around until he eventually ran a bit of a bluff on a 3♣6♣4♠Q♥K♣ board with 6♥2♥ and was called off by Anatoly Filatov with Q♦4♥.


Phil Ivey's roller coaster day saw him eliminated prior to the money

The player to get closer to the money than all others, but ultimately fall short, was the bubble boy Andrey Shilatov. Hand-for-hand had lasted quite some time when Shilatov moved all in holding 8♣8♥ and had to come up against Filatov's K♣T♠. Unfortunately Shilatov's pocket pair couldn't hold up as a king came on the river to send him home.
Once the bubble had burst there were two five-handed table in the money and the next step in what was a long day was to eliminate the tenth-place finisher and set the final table.

In the end, the first in-the-money eliminated was Team PokerStars Pro Online member Isaac Haxton. He was short stacked and all in holding Q♦J♣ and couldn't compete against Davidi Kitai's A♣Q♥. Haxton took home HK$586,000 (~US$74,500) for the min-cash.


Isaac Haxton - 10th place

The final table was set at around 10:00 p.m. and it would take more than three hours for the first elimination to occur. They say good things come in threes though, and so Phanlart Sukonthachartnant (9th), Zhapar Sultanov (8th) and Anatoly Filatov (7th) were all eliminated in quick succession.

Then play slowed down dramatically again as six-handed play would last almost three hours. It was Ivan Shoshnikov (6th) who was next out, followed by Davidi Kitai (5th) and Aaron Lim (4th). Notably, Kitai was the only player to make both the High Roller final table and the Super High Roller final table.

When three-handed play kicked off around 13 hours after the day began Rono Lo and Ivan Shoshnikov had around 9 million in chips each, while Fabian Quoss was the short stack.

That changed quite quickly, however, as within the hour Quoss was the chip leader with over 10 million in chips and Lo was down under 1 million.

Lo was resilient, surviving another couple of all ins before eventually finding himself on the wrong end of an all in to be eliminated in third place for a HK$2,342,000 (~US$295,000 score.

It was Liang Yu who eliminated Lo and so he would begin heads-up with a slight chip advantage over Fabian Quoss. Play moved towards 8:00 a.m. and well into the 16th hour of play for the day before eventually Quoss chipped away at Lo and claimed the dramatic final hand.

Yu was down to 3 million with blinds at 300,000/600,000 when he shoved the button
with K♠Q♣. Quoss called with A♦8♥ and the dealer spread out a 6♥2♥3♥K♣Q♥ board, with Yu taking the lead on the turn, but ultimately falling short on the river when Quoss made a flush to win the tournament.

2014 ACOP 'MBP' High Roller - Results
Entrants: 83
Prize Pool: HK$19,521,000

1st: Fabian Quoss - HK$5,271,000 (~US$670,000)
2nd: Yiang Lu - HK$3,514,000 (~US$450,000)
3rd: Rono Lo - HK$2,342,600 (~US$295,000)
4th: Aaron Lim - HK$1,952,000 (~US$250,000)
5th: Davidi Kitai - HK$1,562,000 (~US$198,000)
6th: Ivan Shoshnikov - HK$1,366,000 (~US$170,000)
7th: Anatoly Filatov- HK$1,171,000 (~US$150,000)
8th: Zhapar Sultanov - HK$976,000 (~US$125,000)
9th: Phanlart Sukonthachartnant - HK$781,000 (~US$99,500)
10th: Isaac Haxton - HK$586,000 (~US$74,500)

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Congratulations to Quoss on what is just one of many high roller tournament results on his resume. Quoss now has well over US$6 million in scores to his name.

Thanks once again to APPT President Danny McDonagh, Fred Leung and the rest of the PokerStars LIVE Macau for hosting a great tournament series. You can catch up on who won the ACOP Main Event by clicking here.

Joshua Bell
@PokerStars in Asia Pacific Poker Tour