2014 ACOP Super High Roller: Final table updates

Congratulations to Steve O'Dwyer, winner of the 2014 ACOP 'Macau Billionaire Poker' Super High Roller (HK$14,050,000)!

After three days of world-class poker, the 2014 ACOP 'MBP' Super High Roller has drawn to a close at PokerStars LIVE Macau.

The player to triumph over the 52-player field (plus 50 rebuys), and ultimately defeat Ryan Fee heads-up was Steve O'Dwyer.


Champion Steve O'Dwyer (left) shakes Runner-up Ryan Fee's hand

In 2013, O'Dwyer won the PokerStars EPT Grand Final for € 1,224,000 and prior to today he told us that was the highlight of his poker career.

He might have to reconsider that now that he has overcome some of the best players in the world to win HK$14,050,000 (~US$1,800,000) here in the ACOP Super High Roller.

Unique Entrants: 52
Rebuys: 50
Total Prize Pool: HK$48,470,400 (~US$6,260,000)

1st: Steve O'Dwyer - HK$14,050,000 (~US$1,800,000)
2nd: Ryan Fee - HK$9,950,000 (~US$1,300,000)
3rd: Pratyush Buddiga - HK$6,550,000 (~US$845,000)
4th: Connor Drinan - HK$5,100,000 (~US$660,000)
5th: Joseph Cheong - HK$4,100,000 (~US$530,000)
6th: Kitson Kho - HK$3,400,000 (~US$440,000)
7th: Daniel Colman - HK$2,900,000 (~US$375,000)
8th: Davidi Kitai - HK$2,420,400 (~US$315,000)

O'Dwyer was presented multiple trophies for the victory - one PokerStars LIVE Macau 'Spadie' and one gigantic trophy from 'Macau Billionaire Poker', which is the team that ran the event in conjunction with PokerStars.

Getting two trophies is certainly cool, but it's even cooler when none other than poker legend Bobby Baldwin presents the trophies. Baldwin was apparently in town and when asked by his friends at MBP to present the trophy, he graciously accepted.


Steve O'Dwyer holds the trophy with poker legend Bobby Baldwin

Congratulations to O'Dwyer on his victory!

We must also congratulate Danny McDonagh, Fred Leung and the rest of the PokerStars LIVE Macau team for once again hosting such a fantastic event.

The Super High Roller is over, but the HK$100,000 ACOP Main Event is still to come! That begins from 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday and there will be full live coverage, feature stories and videos right here at the PokerStarsBlog so be sure to return!

12:00am: Ryan Fee eliminated in 2nd place (HK$9,950,000), Steve O'Dwyer wins

The final hand of the 2014 ACOP 'Macau Billionaire Super High Roller has just played out!

It started with Ryan Fee opening the button to 1.3 million. Steve O'Dwyer made the call and the dealer spread out a Q♠9♥7♥ flop. O'Dwyer checked here and Fee led out for 1.6 million. O'Dwyer made the call and a 3♥ hit the turn. O'Dwyer once again checked and this time Fee bet 4 million.

When O'Dwyer eventually called, the board completed with a 5♥.

O'Dwyer opted to check for a third time here, which prompted Fee to move all in for around 10 million in chips. O'Dwyer tanked for a long time. A very long time. He leaned back in his chair.

Then he called.

Fee showed his 6♠5♦ for a pair of fives, which wasn't strong enough for O'Dwyer's Q♣8♥ as the US-based Irishman had the flush and enough to send Fee home as the runner-up and win himself the tournament.

For the runner-up effort, Fee claimed HK$9,950,000 (~US$1,300,000), which is easily the largest score of his career. O'Dwyer, meanwhile, takes home a gigantic HK$14,050,000 (~US$1,800,000), the title and two trophies.


Runner-up Ryan Fee with APPT President Danny McDonagh (right) and CEO of MBP William Hu

11:50pm: Fee's stack highest of the battle

Ryan Fee's stack is now the largest it has been during heads-up play.

The hand that saw Fee's stack move over 20 million began when Steve O'Dwyer opened the button to 1.4 million, which Fee called.

Fee then check-called a bet of 1.2 million on the J♠5♣2♠ flop and then led for 1.4 million on the A♦ turn. O'Dwyer called and a K♣ was dealt on the river.

Fee led for 5.4 million here and O'Dwyer eventually folded.

Fee is now only a few million behind O'Dwyer.

11:40pm: Fee falls again, then doubles again

Ryan Fee fell back down under 9 million recently, but now he is back up over 17 million after another double up.

This time Fee open-shoved the button with K♦9♣ and Steve O'Dwyer called with A♣3♥.

Fee was looking like he might be going home and his case to stay alive didn't get any stronger when the dealer flipped over a Q♦2♠6♣ flop.

Then Fee hit a 9♥ on the turn to move ahead.

The 6♦ river was safe for Fee as he spiked the double.

11:20pm: Fee finds a double

Ryan Fee has found the double he was looking for and now heads-up is back to being a tough battle here in the 2014 ACOP Super High Roller.
Steve O'Dwyer had the button and moved all in. Fee call off his stack of 9.6 million and was at risk.

It was Fee with K♥T♠, in good shape against O'Dwyer's Q♦T♦.

Fee caught a great K♣T♥2♥, but there were gasps from the rail when a Q♣ hit the turn to five O'Dwyer two pair as well.

The J♥ river was paint, but not the bad kind for Fee as he moved back towards 20 million in chips, while O'Dwyer fell to 30 million.

11:10pm: Fee falls short then gets some back

Ryan Fee got as low as 5 million recently. He didn't lose any big pots, but when the blinds are 200,000/400,000 it's very easy to lose a few million.

Lucky for Fee, he has recently scooped a handy pot to move back up towards 9 million.
It started with Fee limping the button and Steve O'Dwyer checking from the big blind. Both players then checked the 7♠5♠3♦ flop and a T♠ hit the turn. This time O'Dwyer led for 800,000 and Fee called.

The 4♣ river would see O'Dwyer lead out for 1.6 million.

After a few moments, Fee moved all in for 4.85 million total, which sent O'Dwyer deep into the tank.

Eventually, and seemingly reluctantly, O"Dwyer folded and the pot went to Fee.

10:55pm: Level 22 Begins, Blinds 300,000/600,000, Ante 50,000

10:45pm: O'Dwyer moves further into the lead

Steve O'Dwyer opened the button to 1 million. Ryan Fee called from the big blind and the dealer flipped over a A♠Q♥7♥ flop. Fee quickly checked here and O'Dwyer threw out 900,000. Fee called and a J♦ hit the turn. This time when Fee checked, O'Dwyer bet 2.1 million and Fee once again called.

On the T♦ river, Fee checked and O'Dwyer continued his aggression, this time betting 4.4 million.

Fee opted to fold and the pot went to O'Dwyer.

Fee is now at 11.5 million will O'Dwyer is nearing 40 million.

10:35pm: One each for O"Dwyer and Fee

The first two hands of heads-up play saw Steve O'Dwyer and Ryan Fee each one pot.
The first hand went to Fee when he scooped up the pot on a J♥7♥2♠T♠5♦ board. Fee bet big on the river after having check-called a bet on the flop and after both players checked the turn.

The second hand went to O'Dwyer in similar situation when he bet big on the river of a 3♥6♣2♥8♦6♠ board.

Following these two hands, the chip counts were the same as when heads-up began.

10:25pm: Heads-up has begun

After a brief trophy presentation for Pratyush Buddiga's third-place effort, the cards are now in the air as it's Steve O'Dwyer and Ryan Fee heads-up for the title.

The runner-up is set to pock HK$9,950,000 (~US$1.3 million) and the eventual champion will take home a whopping HK$14,050,000 (~US$1.8 million).


Steve O'Dwyer, Ryan Fee and all the trophies

10:15pm: Heads-up counts

The two players are still on a short break.

In the meantime, here is how they stack up:

Steve O'Dwyer - 36 million
Ryan Fee - 15 million

10:10pm: Pratyush Buddiga eliminated in 3rd place (HK$6,550,000)

Just moments after three-handed began and we have lost Pratyush Buddiga in 3rd place to usher in heads-up play between Steve O'Dwyer and Ryan Fee.

Buddiga's final hand began when he jammed all in from the small blind for around 5 million holding K♣2♣. O'Dwyer called with K♦7♥ from the big blind and 9♥6♦3♠A♣5♦ would be the last five cards Buddiga would see in the ACOP Super High Roller.
Buddiga pockets HK$6,550,000 (~US$845,000) for that effort.

O"Dwyer and Buddiga are heading on a short break while the table readies heads-up play and Buddiga is presented with a trophy!


Pratyush Buddiga - 3rd place

10:05pm: Connor Drinan eliminated in 4th place (HK$5,100,000)

It took two back-to-back hands for Connor Drinan to be eliminated in 4th place.

The first hand began when he moved all in from the button for around 8 million and received a call from Ryan Fee on his direct left. Drinan held A♥9♦ against Fee's 7♥7♦.

"Just put a seven out there," Fee said.

Someone was listening as the 5♠7♣K♠ flop was spread on the felt.

Drinan caught the A♣ on the turn, but the 2♦ river meant Drinan was left with just 300,000 behind, while Fee was up near 16 million.

The very next hand Drinan moved all in from under the gun and Pratyush Buddiga then limped the small blind for more than Drinan's stack, while Steve O'Dwyer checked the big blind.

Drinan watched on as Buddiga and O"Dwyer checked the 6♦2♣J♦ flop, but then on the 4♦ turn, O'Dwyer scared Buddiga away with a bet of 400,000.

With Buddiga out of the hand, O'Dwyer turned over 5♦3♦ for the flush (and straight flush draw), while Drinan had outs with Q♦8♣.

Any diamond, except for the seven or deuce, would do it for Drinan, but the 2♥ river wasn't good enough and so Drinan was sent to the rail with HK$5.1 million (~US$660,000).


Connor Drinan - 4th place

9:55pm: O'Dwyer with the jack attack

Pratyush Buddiga exposed his J♥2♥ when folding the button before it was on Steve O'Dwyer in the small blind. He opted to limp and Connor Drinan checked out of the big blind.

The J♠8♦4♥ turn would see O'Dwyer check to Drinan, who bet 400,000. O'Dwyer made the call and a 3♥ was dealt on the turn. This time when O'Dwyer checked, Drinan bet 1 million. Back on O'Dwyer and he would check-raise to 2.8 million. Drinan took his time before folding and sent the pot to O'Dwyer.

O'Dwyer is up over 26 million - more than half the chips in play.

9:40pm: Buddiga left short

Pratyush Buddiga has been left with not much more than 10 big blinds after losing a substantial pot to Connor Drinan.

The hand started with Buddiga opening the button to 900,000. Drinan was the lone caller out of the big blind and with that, the dealer spread out a 5♣7♣9♠ flop. Drinan checked here and Buddiga bet 1.1 million. Drinan called and a 5♥ was dealt on the turn. Drinan stoically checked, whiel Buddiga once again reached for chips, this time betting 1.7 million. Drinan quietly called.

On the T♥ river, both players checked and Drinan turned over A♠5♠ for trip fives - enough to send Buddiga's cards into the muck and move his stack to around 12.5 million.

Buddiga, meanwhile, is down to 5.5 million.

9:30pm: Back for Level 21

The players are back from their break and ready to play Level 21 with blinds now at 200,000/400,000 with a 50,000 ante. Below is how they stack up:

Steve O'Dwyer - 22.3 million
Ryan Fee - 10.4 million
Pratyush Buddiga - 9 million
Connor Drinan - 8.5 million

9:15pm: Four to break

The four remaining players have made their way on a break.

The cards will be back in the air in 15 minutes time.

9:00pm: O'Dwyer still crushing

Steve O'Dwyer is still our chip leader as we move towards the end of Level 20.

There haven't been too many big pots played over the last 20 minutes. One particular hand that was of slight interest began with Ryan Fee opening the button to 600,000. O'Dwyer called out of the big blind and the dealer flipped over a 2♠8♠5♣ flop. O'Dwyer checked to Fee, who bet 750,000. Then O'Dwyer check-raised to 2.2 million.

Fee opted to fold and O'Dwyer scooped the chips to move to around 22 million.

8:40pm: Stack update

Here are the approximate stacks of the four players during Level 20.

Steve O'Dwyer - 18 million
Pratyush Buddiga - 13 million
Ryan Fee - 10.7 million
Connor Drinan - 8.4 million

8:30pm: Fee back over eight figures

Ryan Fee was on the button when he opened it up to 650,000. Scott O'Dwyer called from the big blind and the dealer spread out a J♦9♦2♥ flop. O'Dwyer check-called a bet of 750,000 here and a 7♦ hit the turn. Another check from O'Dwyer and Fee would be 1.5 million. O'Dwyer once again called and the board completed with a T♠.

This time when O'Dwyer checked, Fee moved all in for around 4.7 million.

O'Dwyer tank-folded and Fee scooped the chips.

8:20pm: O'Dwyer first past 20 million

Steve O'Dwyer has just become the first player to pass the 20 million mark.

The hand that got O'Dwyer's stack to those heights began when he opened the button to 700,000. Connor Drinan called out of the small blind and the dealer flipped over a 9♥9♦6♠ flop. Drinan check-called a bet of 600,000 here and a 9♣ hit the turn. This time Drinan check-folded to a bet of 1.6 million and the pot went to O'Dwyer.

Drinan is down to 7.75 million, which makes him the short stack.

8:15pm: Level 20 Begins, Blinds 150,000/300,000, Ante 50,000

8:00pm: O'Dwyer wins two to move towards lead

Steve O'Dwyer has just taken down two hands in a row to move his stack towards 17 million, which is just about the chip lead.

The first hand O'Dwyer won was against Connor Drinan on a A♣7♣7♠2♥8♥ board. It was blind versus blind with both players checking the flop and O'Dwyer leading for 580,000 on the turn and 1.6 million on the river. Drinan flat-called both bets and then mucked when O'Dwyer showed A♦K♥.

The next hand to go to O'Dwyer began when he opened to 600,000 from the button. Drinan called out of the small blind and Ryan Fee called out of the big blind. On the Q♠2♠3♣ flop ot was checked to O'Dwyer who bet 1.25 million. Drinan folded and Fee called to see a J♥ flipped over on the turn. This time Fee check-folded to a bet of 2.2 million.

Fee is now to down to 8.5 million, while Drinan is at 7.9 million.

7:50pm: Four-handed count update

The players had a short break following Joseph Cheong's elimination. Mostly to colour up their stacks. Here is how the four players are currently looking.

Pratyush Buddiga - 17 million
Connor Drinan - 11.5 million
Steve O'Dwyer - 11.3 million
Ryan Fee - 11 million

7:40pm: Joseph Cheong eliminated in 5th place (HK$4,100,000)

Then there were four!

Pratyush Buddiga was on the button when he opened it up to 525,000. Joseph Cheong then three-bet all in for around 5.3 million and Buddiga made the call to put Cheong at risk.

Cheong had an excited rail watching on as it was his A♥J♠ against Buddiga's 5♥5♣.
The board ran out Q♥9♦2♠K♣6♥ and it was all over for Cheong.

He picks up HK$4,100,000 (~US$530,000).

The four remaining players are guaranteed HK$5,100,000 (~US$660,000).


Joseph Cheong - 5th place

7:25pm: Pots getting bigger

With blinds now at 120,000/240,000 the pots are starting to get large.

Pratyush Buddiga recently claimed an almost 3-million chip pot on a 6♣Q♠7♠4♥K♠ board against Connor Drinan and Ryan Fee and Connor Drinan won a 2-million chip pot off Joseph Cheong on a 7♣6♣7♥3♥J♠. Buddiga won his hand after showing 5♦4♠ when it was checked on the river and Drinan won his pot when Joseph Cheong folded to a bet on the river.

7:15pm: Drinan doubles through O'Dwyer

Connor Drinan is up to a five-figure stack for the first time after doubling up through Scott O'Dwyer recently.

The hand started when Joseph Cheong opened to 525,000 from the cut off. O"Dwyer flat-called the button and Drinan then squeezed all in for 5.25 million from the small blind. Cheong folded, but O'Dwyer made the call to put Drinan at risk.

Drinan: 9♠9♥
O'Dwyer: K♠Q♠

Drinan was ahead and it stayed that way as the board ran out 7♦9♦2♣2♥7♥.
O'Dwyer still has plenty of chips with around 11 million, but Drinan is nearing that stack as well.

7:05pm: Back with counts

The players are back from their break and the cards are back in the air. Blinds are now 120,000/240,000 with a 40,000 ante.

Here are the updated stacks of the five remaining.

Steve O'Dwyer - 17.2 million
Ryan Fee - 12.8 million
Pratyush Biddiga - 9.2 million
Joseph Cheong - 7.4 million
Connor Drinan - 4.1 million

6:55pm: Break for five

A recent hand between Joseph Cheong and Steve O'Dwyer went five minutes into the break. O'Dwyer ended up winning the relatively small pot and the Tournament Director reset the break to the full ten minutes! While the players are gone, we will be getting some accurate chip counts.

6:45pm: Kitson Kho eliminated in 6th place (HK$3,400,000)

The ACOP Super High Roller is down to five players!

The latest elimination started when Kitson Kho open-jammed for 1.75 million from the cut off. Pratyush Buddiga found a call from the big blind and it was Kho at risk with A♥T♣ against Buddiga's A♣K♦.

Kho needed help to stay alive, but alas, it wouldn't come as the dealer rolled out a J♠2♥5♦3♥3♦ board to send Kho to the rail with HK$3,400,000 (~US$440,000).
Buddiga is now up around 10 million in chips.


Kitson Kho - 6th place

6:35pm: Big pot to Ryan Fee

Ryan Fee continues to build a giant stack.

Fee was recently on the button when he opened it up to 450,000. Joseph Cheong called from the big blind and the dealer turned over a 6♣K♣Q♠ flop. Cheong check-called a bet of 600,000 here and a 3♥ was flipped over on the turn. This time check-called a very large 1.2 million and the board completed with a J♥.

Cheong tapped the table for a third time and Fee bet 3.2 million.

Eventually Cheong folded and the more than 4-million chips pot went to Fee.

6:20pm: Drinan finds the double

Joseph Cheong was in middle position when he opened it up to 425,000. Connor Drinan then moved all in for 795,000. The rest of the table was out of the way and Cheong flicked out the extra chips to put Drinan at risk.

It was Drinan's A♦9♣ against Cheong's 6♠4♠.

Drinan was in good shape to double up, but the Q♣4♣2♦ flop gave Cheong the lead. The 8♥ turn didn't help Drinan, but the A♠ river would elicit some cheers from the rail as Drinan had found what he needed to double up.

6:10pm: Cheong wins sizable pot

Steve O'Dwyer was under the gun when he opened it up to 425,000. Ryan Fee called from the button and so too did Joseph Cheon from the big blind.

On the A♥4♦2♥ flop, it was checked to Fee, who bet 650,000. Cheong called, but O'Dwyer got out of the way as the dealer turned over a 9♠. Two checks and the board was completed with a 4♣. This time Cheong led out for a large 1,675,000 and Fee decided to get out of the way.


Joseph Cheong is travelling nicely at the final table

5:55pm: Six-handed count update

Here are the approximate stacks of the six players:

Steve O'Dwyer - 16 million
Joseph Cheong - 12 million
Ryan Fee - 10.5 million
Pratyush Buddiga - 5.3 million
Kitson Kho - 2 million
Connor Drinan - 1.1 million

5:45pm: Level 18 Begins, Blinds 100,000/200,000, Ante 30,000

5:40pm: Short stack update

The blinds are soon to increase and so we thought we should let you know who the short stacks are at the moment. First we have Connor Drinan with 1.6 million and then it's Kitson Kho with 2 million. Both of these stacks will be good for just around 10 big blinds or less once then next level starts.

5:35pm: Connor Loses more, Fee continues to win

Ryan Fee is starting to build a very nice stack.

The most recent pot to go Fee's way began when he opened it up to 375,000 from under the gun. Connor Drinan called out of the big blind and then both players checked it down to the river of a 8♠J♣A♦A♥6♠ board.

On the river, Drinan led for 400,000 and Fee opted to make the call. Drinan showed his K♥8♦ for a pair of eights, which went into the muck when Fee tbaled J♠T♥ for a pair of jacks.

Drinan is now the overall short stack, while Fee is up around 12 million in chips.

5:30pm: Cheong wins off Pratyush

There hasn't been too much action since we lost two players before the break. One of the few hands that went to a river started when Pratyush Buddiga was in middle position and opened it up to 360,000. Joseph Cheong called from the cut off, while Connor Drinan made the call from the big blind.

It was checked to Cheong on the 9♣9♦8♥ flop and he led out for 525,000. Drinan folded, while Buddiga called to see a A♦ hit the turn. This time both players checked, just as they did on the Q♦ river.

At showdown, Cheong's Q♣J♦ for a pair of queens trumped Buddiga's J♠8♠.
Cheong is still crushing with an eight-figure stack, but since eliminating Daniel Colman, Steve O'Dwyer is the chip leader with over 15 million.

5:25pm: Players back to it

The players are back from their break and the cards are back in the air.

There are still just over 20 minutes remaining in the current level - blinds 80,000/160,000 with a 20,000 ante.

5:10pm: Time for a break

The six remaining players have decided they want to take a break.

They will be back soon, but it's unspecified how long the break will be at this point.

5:05pm: Daniel Colman eliminated in 7th place (HK$2,900,000)

Daniel Colman opened it up to 375,000 from the hijack and Joseph Cheong three-bet to 1 million using the sexy PokerStars LIVE macau seven-figure plaque.

Steve O'Dwyer then cold-four bet to 2.21 million and Colman moved all in for around 5.5 million total. Cheong got out of the way, but O'Dwyer found a call to put Colman at risk not long after Colman dealt the blow to Kitai.

Colman: A♣K♣
O'Dwyer: A♠A♥

Colman was in trouble and didn't get any help on the 7♠8♣4♦ flop.
At this point, Ryan Fee said, "Don't worry, you run so good you will catch runner-runner here."

Then a 9♣ rolled off to give Colman a flush draw and so the table laughed once again!
But then a 6♥ completed the board on the river and Colman was sent to the rail with HK$2,900,000 for his time (~US$375,000). That amount is added to the more than US$22 million he has already posted this year.


Daniel Colman - 7th place

5:00pm: Davidi Kitai eliminated in 8th place (HK$2,420,400)

Davidi Kitai has just become the first player eliminated at the final table.
He moved all in preflop for 680,000 from middle position and Daniel Colman called from the button.

It was Colman with Q♣J♦ against Kitai with K♥8♦.

To give a bit of background before we tell you the flop, the players were recently ribbing Colman about how good he runs and has run this year.

That's why they burst into laughter when the dealer rolled out a 9♣K♠T♣ flop to give him the nut straight.

No help for Kitai on the 6♠ turn or the 9♥ river and so he was sent to the rail with HK$2,420,000 (~US$1.8 million).

Colman is now up well above 5 million.


Davidi Kitai

4:55pm: Seven-deuce does it

Ryan Fee held 7♦2♦ in the big blind when he flat-called a raised from Donnor Drinan.

The two players checked it down on a 2♥Q♦3♥A♠5♥ board and Fee revealed his hand and took it down with just bottom pair!

4:50pm: Colman building stack

Daniel Colman's stack is nearing 5 million in chips. The most recent pot to go his way began when Pratyush Buddiga opened to 360,000 from under the gun plus one. Colman was the lone caller from the big blind and with that, the dealer flipped over a 7♣4♥5♥ flop. Two checks and a 9♣ was flipped over on the turn. Colman led out for 550,000 here and Buddiga called.

When the board was completed with a 7♥ on the river, Colman led out for 1,375,000 and Buddiga eventually folded, sending the pot to Colman.

4:40pm: Count Update

Here are the approximate stacks of the eight players during this second level of the day:

Joseph Cheong - 12.6 million
Steve O'Dwyer - 9.1 million
Ryan Fee - 9 million
Pratyush Buddiga - 6 million
Daniel Colman - 4.1 million
Connor Drinan - 4 million
Kitson Koh - 2.9 million
Davidi Kitai - 1.1 million

4:30pm: Level 17 Begins, Blinds 80,000/160,000, Ante 20,000

4:25pm: Fee and Colman go to showdown

Ryan Fee and Daniel Colman recently went to showdown.

It was blind versus blind, with Colman limping the small blind and Fee checking the big blind. Both players checked it to a turn on a 4♥8♣4♦2♣ board and Colman then check-called a bet of 125,000 to see a 6♣ was dealt on the river. Both players checked here and Colman showed K♦9♠ for king-high, which went into the muck against Fee's A♥3♠ for ace high.

4:20pm: First shove of the day

It took until the tenth hand of the day for a player to shove all in. It was Steve O'Dwyer who moved all in, with his big stack moving in preflop from the small blind with Davidi Kitai being in the big blind with just 1.2 million behind. Kitai opted to fold and that was that.

4:10pm: Small showdown win for O'Dwyer

There hasn't been too many fireworks of late, but one hand did recently go to showdown on a Q♥Q♣2♠3♦9♥ board. It started with Joseph Cheong putting in the extra chips from the small blind and Steve O'Dwyer checking from the big blind. On the flop, Cheong led for 125,000 and O'Dwyer called. Cheong led again on the turn, this time for 325,000 and O'Dwyer once again called.

When it was checked by both players on the river, O'Dwyer quickly tabled K♠8♣ to win it with king-high as Cheong mucked.

4:00pm: Fee wins even more

Ryan Fee has started very strongly. He recently won plenty of chips off Joseph Cheong and then went on to win a hefty pot off Davidi Kitai.

This one started with Kitai opening to 300,000 from the hijack. Fee called from the big blind and the dealer spread out a 6♠K♥Q♥ flop. Fee check-called a bet of 350,000 here and a 5♣ hit the turn. This time both players checked and a 4♠ was dealt on the river.

After a few moments, Fee changed the tempo, leading out for 800,000.

This bet put Kitai deep into the tank. He squiremed in his chair for a long time, clearly not looking too comfortable. Fee sat stoically before Kitai eventually made the call.

Fee tabled K♣8♠, Kitai mucked his hand and another nice pot went to Fee.


Happy start to Ryan Fee's final table

3:45pm: Not too much action in first five hands

The first five hands of the final table have come and gone.

The first hand of the day began with Pratyush Buddiga opening to 275,000 from the button. Joseph Cheong was the lone caller in the small blind and with that, the dealer flipped over a 6♥8♠3♣ flop. Both players checked here and a 4♣ hit the turn. Cheong led for 425,000 and took it down.

The second hand of the day was a little larger.

It started with Ryan Fee opening to 275,000 from the hijack. Cheong called from the button and the dealer turned over a 6♦5♠5♦ flop. Two checks and an A♥ was dealt on the turn. Fee took his time before betting 550,000 here and Cheong called. On the 4♠ river, Fee took even longer than on the turn to bet 1.3 million. Cheong ended up folding and Fee picked up some chips.

The next three hands didn't amount to much, with Fee certainly the biggest winner in the early stages of the ACOP Super High Roller final table.

3:30pm: Cards flying at final table

The players have been introduced, have made their way to the table and the cards are now in the air at the HK$500,000 ACOP Super High Roller!

Blinds kick off at 60,000/120,000 with a 20,000 ante.

Like all throughout the tournament levels last 60 minutes each.

Today we play down to a winner.

Here is a reminder of what the players are gunning for:

1st - HK$14,050,000 (~US$1,800,000)
2nd - HK$9,950,000 (~US$1,300,000)
3rd - HK$6,550,000 (~US$845,000)
4th - HK$5,100,000 (~US$660,000)
5th - HK$4,100,000 (~US$530,000)
6th - HK$3,400,000 (~US$440,000)
7th - HK$2,900,000 (~US$375,000)
8th - HK$2,420,400 (~US$315,000)

3:15pm: Delayed start

It's not too surprising that we will be starting a little late today as the final table is being filmed for the local market (no live stream) and television production and delays tend to go hand in hand.

It looks like our players will be introduced one by one before play Is underway.

Shouldn't be longer than ten minutes.

Stay tuned.

Champion of the ACOP Super High Roller to be crowned

This is it! The final day. The exciting conclusion.

At some point tonight we will have a champion of the 2014 ACOP MBP HK$500,000 Super High Roller.

The player arguably best pressed to do so is Joseph Cheong. He will start the final eight with 12,655,000 in chips, which is well ahead of Steve O'Dwyer with 8,135,000 and Pratyush Buddiga with 8,075,000.

Below is the final table will line up:

Seat 1: Davidi Kitai - 3,190,000
Seat 2: Kitson Kho - 4,875,000
Seat 3: Connor Drinan - 4,875,000
Seat 4: Daniel Colman - 2,955,000
Seat 5: Ryan Fee - 6,230,000
Seat 6: Pratyush Buddiga - 8,075,000
Seat 7: Joseph Cheong - 12,665,000
Seat 8: Steve O'Dwyer - 8,135,000

Click here for player profiles of the final eight

All the players have already locked up HK$2,420,400 (~US$315,000) and there are steady payjumps until the top three when the huge money starts to be awarded all the way up to the top prize of HK$14,050,000 (~US$1,800,000).


The ACOP MBP Super High Roller final table at PokerStars LIVE Macau

The final table is being filmed by the Macau Billionaire Poker team for post-production broadcast here in Macau and online, but sadly there is no live stream. Luckily you will be able to read about the action right here on the PokerStarsBlog from 3:15 p.m. local time and all the way until a champion is crowned.

Joshua Bell
@PokerStars in Asia Pacific Poker Tour