2014 ACOP: Ten Questions for ElkY

ElkY is no stranger to Macau and the Asia Championship of Poker. In fact, the Team PokerStars Pro has been a Macau regular since 2007 and was happy to answer some of our questions about playing in the gaming capital of the world.

1. Which events are you planning to play at the ACOP this year?
It's always hard to make a schedule because it depends on how deep you run in some events. But I will arrive in Macau on October 27th and play the maximum number of events there!

2. What kind of expectations do you have?
I always play to win, and will do my best to do so. I know for a fact that I will have a very fun time in Macau regardless of results but another trophy would for sure be welcome!

3. What do you consider your best result in Macau?
I guess my best result in Macau would still be my 5th place at the inaugural APPT Macau back in 2007. About time I beat it, don't you guys think?

4. How does the average player in Asia differ to those you commonly see in the EPT?
Macau is opening up a lot and many players now travel from abroad as poker gets more popular there. However I think the Asian players are never afraid to gamble!

5. What kind of adjustments do you make?
They are usually much less ICM aware, so you have to be careful in some spots that would normally be good to pressure them.

6. Craziest thing you've ever seen in Macau?
Probably the void behind me as I was about to Bungee Jump from the Macau Tower. Super Scary!

7. You have a huge Korean following from your pro gamer days. Do you still play video games? If yes, what are you playing now?
I'm playing a little bit of DOTA2, HearthStone, and of course some StarCraft2 now and then.

8. What's the first restaurant you plan to eat at?
Oh man it's tough. I really love Jade Dragon in the City of Dreams and it's perfectly located as soon as you arrive. But Bryan (Huang) also promised to take us out to some insider places, so let's see if he keeps his word.

9. What's your drink of choice on the poker table?
Water, Green Tea, and Coffee. In that order.

10. Favorite picture of yourself?
Since we are talking about Macau, me dressing up as the Joker was my favorite.

ElkY as Joker.jpg