2014 ACOP: The Race to Two

In the two years of running the Asia Championship of Poker there have been 23 Spadies trophies awarded to 23 different players.

The legends of tomorrow are built today and the jury is still out on who will be recorded in the ACOP history books as the first two-time winner.

There have been a few close calls so far, that's for sure.

In 2012 Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu took home the first ever Spadie by winning the Deepstack Championship and then followed that up with a deep run in the Main Event. However, he came up short with a 13th place finish in the Gold Spadie event.

That same year saw Jonathan 'Monster Dong' Karamilikis win the 250k High Roller event and he almost did it again the following year with a fifth place finish in the same event. In two ACOP poker festivals, he has accumulated almost HK $4.6 million (USD $590,000) in prize money.

Jeff Rossiter is surely the closest we've ever seen to a two-time winner. In fact, he's only been a few lucky breaks away from winning three.

Jeff_Rossiter_ACOP_12sept14.jpgJeff Rossiter

Rossiter won his first ever live event after taking down the 2012 ACOP Warm-up tournament. The Aussie poker pro has played the High Roller both times it's been run with amazing second and fourth place finishes. Rossiter is the all-time leader for ACOP winnings at HK $5,227,000 (USD $674,000).

But close isn't close enough and the record books still show a 23-way tie at one. The race to two Spadies begins October 24 at 'PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams'.

ACOP 'Spadies' Event Winners

Raymond Wu (Chinese Taipei) -- Deepstack Championship (2012)
Hirotoshi Nakabo (Japan) -- Six handed Championship (2012)
Yoichi Fujiya (Japan) -- Rebuy Championship (2012)
Jeffrey Rossiter (Australia) -- ACOP Warm-up (2012)
Anton Astapau (Belarus) -- Turbo Championship (2012)
Xing Zhou (China) -- Main Event (2012)
Sam Razavi (UK) -- KO Big Bounty (2012)
Bo Wu (China) -- $15,000 NLH (2012)
Chuanbin Yao (China) -- $8,000 NLH (2012)
Jonathan Karamalikis (Australia) -- 250k High Rollers (2012)
Emi Hibuse (Japan) -- Ladies Asia Championship (2012)
Ioan Taizs (Romania) -- Rebuy Championship (2013)
Thomas Zhang (UK) -- Deepstack Championship (2013)
Apoorva Goel (India) -- 6-Max Championship (2013)
Jian Yang (China) -- ACOP Warm-up (2013)
Jay Tan (Hong Kong) -- Ladies Asia Championship (2013)
Edison Nguyen (Australia) -- PLO Championship (2013)
Ken Demlakian (Australia) -- KO Big Bounty (2013)
Sunny Jung (Korea) -- Main Event (2013)
Michael Mariakis (Australia) -- Turbo Championship (2013)
Jan Schwippert (UK) -- $15,000 NLH (2013)
Senh Man Ung (UK) -- 250k High Rollers (1 Rebuy) (2013)
Celina Lin (China) -- $8,800 NLH (2013)

Fred Leung
@PokerStars in Asia Pacific Poker Tour