2014 Macau Millions: Action break

We've reached the second break and the tournament has reached a tipping point.

Things will start going even quicker.

About 100 players remain and stacks are starting to end up on one end of the spectrum or the other. Those on the bottom are frantically moving all-in all across the tournament to try and keep up with the massive blinds and killer antes.

It's not safe for anyone though as the big stacks, who thought they were comfortable, find themselves in the red zone after one or two bad all-ins.

Team PokerStars Vivian Im was doing well a few levels ago, but she also found herself on the slippery slope of elimination. After losing a few pots, Im lost another all-in and found herself down to about 15,000.

Im raised to 4,000 from early position and got calls from middle position and both blinds. The flop came J♦[10s]6♠ and action checked to the player in middle position who moved all-in. The blinds folded but Im called.

The at-risk player showed A♦K♥ while Im turned over A♥J♠. A [10h] completed the board and the a Q♠ gave Im's opponent a straight. Im was down to about 15,000 and then hit the rail before the break.

Im won't match her impressive finish from Day 1D, but she'll try again tomorrow.

This leaves Bryan Huang as the last Team PokerStars Pro standing. Huang is above average with 60,000 and is looking to join Im in representing Team Pro in Day 2. Huang was also well above average late yesterday, but couldn't hold on and eventually came up short.


Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang

Huang's table also got a little tougher. Day 1A survivor Iori Yogo got moved to his table, but Yogo a bit below average with 40,000.

There are still several women left in the field as well, including Percy Yung. Yung is currently in a three-way tie for the Asia Player of the Year race. She and her opponents all have 2,400 points but neither of them have made Day 2 of this event.

Yung has.

But Young will need some help to take the lead. Simply cashing doesn't earn Yung any APOY points, she'll have to make the final 30 to score and take the lead.


Percy Yung

Yung is the Day 2 short stack with just 24,500 but she currently has that beat with about 60,000.

When players come back from break they'll continue the slaughter until they hit 32 players.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.