2014 Macau Millions: Blind struggles

After just 75 minutes of play, the tournament clock brought the tournament to level 4.

With that, players are faced with 200/400 blinds, making the starting stack just 25 big blinds.

Several players are struggling to keep up with these lightning-quick blinds, including former 2010 Macau Millions champion, Justin Chan.

After a raise to 200, Chan raised to 625 from the cutoff. The small blind re-raised to 1,300 and and the initial raiser folded. Chan called and the flop came 6♦4♦A♠. Both players checked and a J♦ fell on the turn.

The small blind bet 1,800 and Chan called, bringing a fourth diamond on the river: Q♦.

The small blind checked and Chan moved all-in for about 5,000.

Chan's opponent leaned back in his chair, sighed and took a bite out of a candy bar. Then he folded Q♠Q♥ and Chan was up to about 11,000.

Day 1A survivor Iori Yogo isn't faring so well either, but he's still alive. Down to just 2,200, Yogo moved all-in from the button after Tina Sekharan raised to 200 from the cutoff.

The blinds folded and Yogo managed to double up to 4,400. Now with 11 big blinds, Yogo will have to go all-in a few more times before he can repeat yesterday's finish.

Another player who survived Day 1A also showed up to play today. Alex Chieng joined the field then hit the rail in level 4.


Alex Chieng

Yogo, once again, is now the only player fighting for back-to-back Day 2s.

There's one player who almost made it though.

Percy Yung bubbled last night but is back for more Macau Millions. Yung is currently below average with about 5,600 and will be looking to change that soon.


Percy Yung

After level 4 and 5, players will take their first break of the day and registration will close. That will give us the official number of players and how many we'll play down to.

The current number is 10, same as yesterday.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.