2014 Macau Millions: Bubble

Eleven players remain.

Among those are APOY year contenders Percy Yung, APPT7 Macau champion, Alex Chieng and 2013 ANZPT Player of the Year, Iori Yogo.

But all three of these players are short stacked and struggling for their tournament lives.

Yogo lost an all-in to Yung, bringing his stack down to about 40,000 while bringing hers up to about the same.

Then Chieng doubled up with A♥Q♠ against A♠6♠.

The board came 4♠5♥[10d]4♣3♣ and the dealer started pushing the pot to Chieng's opponent.

"Wait, straight," Yung said. Everyone paused for a second before she started laughing.


Percy Yung

"I do that all the time in Omaha and people still believe me," Yung laughed. Chieng found it a bit less funny but was relieved when he raked in the pot.

Chieng doubled up to about 30,000 and did so again a few hands later. Despite 4,000/8,000 blinds, the short stacks were hanging on.

Later on at that table, James Hunter moved all-in from middle position and Albert Cheung called from the hijack. Mikal Blomlie then did the same from the cutoff.

The rest of the players folded and we had a three-way showdown.

Hunter showed A♥Q♦ while the other two showed ace-king, Blomlie's was suited though, with diamonds.

Hunter celebrated when the flop came Q♠4♦2♦, but then an A♠ and 8♦ completed the board, giving Blomlie a flush.

Cheung was shortstacked and lost an all-in to Iori Yogo a few hands later, leaving him crippled. Minutes later he hit the rail and play went hand-for-hand.


Iori Yogo during one of his many double ups