2014 Macau Millions: Easy game?

Poker is not kind.

It's an unforgiving creature that favors the lucky. This tournament is especially harsh and juts players to the lead one level, only to bring them crashing down the next.

Several players have made it close to the top 7 percent these past two days, but close doesn't cut it. You're in or you're out.

Yesterday, both Percy Yung and Mansour Khorramshahi were out. Yung busted near the middle of Day 1B but made it all the way to the bubble on Day 1A. She held on for as long as she could but was finally eliminated in 11th place.

Khorramshahi was the bubble for the last two tables on Day 1B. His stack went to a player who rose to the lead but then fell before reaching the final 11.


Mansour Khorramshahi

Now Yung and Khorramshahi are pitted against each other. Yung was well above average and Khorramshahi was short. Now they're about even.

Yung raised to 1,200 and Khorramshahi moved all-in for 6,100. The small blind called and action folded back to Yung.

Yung thought for a bit

"Want to gamble?" Khorramshahi asked.

Yung folded, she didn't.

Khorramshahi showed K♣Q♠ while the small blind turned over J♥7♥. Then the flop came A♦8♥6♠ and Yung tilted her head back in regret.

"You would've busted two players," Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin said.

An 8♠ came on the turn and then an A♠ completed the board.

"I didn't joke when i said it was a gamble," Khorramshahi laughed as he raked in his newly-earned chips.

Yung lost a bit more the following hand. She raised to 1,200 from middle position and the button and small blind called. The flop came 9♥8♦[10s] and Yung bet 2,400 when checked to. The button moved all-in for 7,900 and the small blind folded.


Percy Yung

Yung thought for some time and eventually let that one go too.

Both players are now sitting with about 13,000 and are hoping to get further than far. They're hoping to make it.