2014 Macau Millions: From rags to riches, Chen leads final table

The final table is set and Hao Chen leads the final 10 with 2.91 million.

Chen started the day near the bottom of the field with just 46,000 -- 12.5 big blinds -- but managed to steadily chip up throughout the day. Then Chen won a few big hands in the last level of the day and burst the final table bubble to take the lead.


Hao Chen

Before Chen, Kenneth Leong had a monopoly on the chip lead for a large part of the day but dropped to third in the last level of play. Leong finished with 2.79 million and is no stranger to final tables at PokerStars LIVE. Leong won a Red Dragon and then finished runner-up in last year's APPT Macau, losing only to Alexandre Chieng. There was a chance of a rematch as Chieng and Leong were seated at the same table with 15 players to go, but Chieng was eliminated in 14th place.


Kenneth Leong

Leong held the lead for longer than any other player in Day 2. The lead was changing constantly since large blinds and 30-minute levels incited lots of action and caused huge swings.

Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im was one of those players who jumped into lead and saw it crumble away. Im started the day fifth in chips and went on to hold the lead for a bit. Then, when we got down to three tables, Im found herself on the wrong side of a few flips and the massive blinds quickly caught up with her.


Team PokerTars Pro Vivian Im

Im busted in 21st place and earned HKD $22,000 for her first Macau Millions cash.

Im wasn't the only Team Pro in the field today. Bryan Huang also made Day 2, in fact, he made it twice. Huang survived Day 1E with 94,000 and then made it through Day 1F with exactly double that amount.


Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang

Huang finished in 50th place and cashed for HKD $14,000 plus a bonus HKD $11,000 for making Day 2 twice. There were a total of seven players who made Day 2 twice, but none of them made it to the final 10.

Only these guys did:

Seat 1: Li Hongbing (China) 505,000

Seat 2: Tsang Thomas Tung Wing (Hong Kong) 1,215,000

Seat 3: Chang Sheng (China) 2,855,000

Seat 4: Leong Kenneth Yuen Kiong (Hong Kong) 2,790,000

Seat 5: Chen Hao (China) 2,910,000

Seat 6: Tsui Chia Wei (Taiwan) 1,365,000

Seat 7: Fung Ping Cheong (Hong Kong) 950,000

Seat 8: Pinto Lester Ian (Singapore) 1,620,000

Seat 9: Viczena Miklos (Hungary) 570,000

Seat 10: Jung Chul Woo (Korea) 1,405,000

Join us tomorrow when we find out which one of these 10 players will become the next Macau Millions champion. The final 10 are guaranteed HKD $43,760 and our eventual champion will take home HKD $550,000.

Coverage starts at 2 p.m. UTC+8:00, set your alarms.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.