2014 Macau Millions: Lets see 1C

Day 1C is underway.

We've had two fast-paced days of action. So far, 291 players have entered the Macau Millions but only 21 remain.

There has yet to be a double-qualifier but players will keep trying. The rules of this tournament are a bit different. HKD $2,200 gets you 10,000 chips. If you bust, you're allowed a re-buy.


City of Dreams, where the madness takes place

If you lose that, you're out. Just for the day though. Players can enter every Day 1 their wallet allows. Even those who move on to Day 2 can keep the party going.

So far, Tai Tan is topping the field with an impressive 364,500. Tan won a massive hand and burst the bubble early yesterday and now holds a lead that's going to be hard to beat.

While there are still three more Day 1s to go after today, there will be a small hiatus. There are two days off after today before we play out Day 1D, E and F.

The cards are in the air and play is now underway. Stay tuned for more madness from the Macau Millions.