2014 Macau Millions: Madness

It's madness in the tournament area.

Ten minutes into the tournament and there are already more than 400 registered players. There's no clear estimate on the final number either as another large line has formed at registration.


It's more manageable though as registration opened 30 minutes early today. It's a bit shorter than the snaking monstrosity that invaded multiple parts of the casino yesterday. But while staff were able to wrangle in the line, there's nothing they can do about the physical limitations of the poker room itself.

There's now a list of about 120 alternates and APPT President Danny McDonagh and other tournament staff are frantically working to get them seated.

Aside from the players and the floor people, several waitresses are buzzing around, taking orders and delivering tea. The PokerStars LIVE room has rarely -- if ever -- been busier than it is right now.


Danny McDonagh (center) seating the alternates (everywhere)

While the number of available seats is a hard constant, the tournament structure is rather elastic. Play will freeze at Level 3 (100/200 blinds) until all the alternates have been seated. Play could go on Level 3 for a while as only 50 of the alternates have been seated.

The tournament has already broken the previous record of 1,329 entrants and has crossed the 1,600 mark. We'll see where that final number lands as late registration and re-entries are still available for another 90 minutes.

Today might go on a bit longer than the other days but we'll also have the largest number of survivors. Thirty two players are already guaranteed to make it through to Day 2, the same as yesterday.

The field is going through it's last surge before it starts shrinking for the last time.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.