2014 Macau Millions: Old and new

We're in the triple digits.

The number of players in Day 1C keeps going up and we've now crossed the 100-entry mark. Among these players there are a few 2014 Macau Millions veterans along with some newcomers.

Iori Yogo, Shaq Lin, Alex Chieng, Jack Lee, Tsung Han Lin and Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin all showed up for another shot at Day 2 today.

Yogo and Chieng will be here for Day 2 even if they bust today. Both Yogo and Chieng qualified for Day 2 on Day 1A. Yogo is still the the Day 2 short stack with just 40,000 while Chieng finished with 93,000.

Jack Lee and Tsung Han Lin are also part of the elite 7 percent that survived a Day 1. Lin and Lee come straight from their victory last night, when a field of 157 was reduced to 11 in just 6 hours. Both Lee (49,000) and Lin (59,000) are short stacked and will be hoping to improve on that today.

While they survived the minefield, Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin hasn't.


Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin

In fact, she hasn't several times. Lin lost twice yesterday, she took one bullet when her queens were cracked by jacks and another when her pocket pair fell to overcards.

Shaq Lin is, of course, the reigning champion. Lin took down this event the last time it was held and then went on to win the Asia Player of the Year.


Shaq Lin

There are also some new, yet familiar faces joining us today. Current Asia Player of the Year, Jian Yang, has joined the Macau Millions festivities. Yang took down two ACOP events last year along with a 4th place finish in a Red Dragon. Now Yang is looking to add a Macau Millions title to his quickly-growing poker resume.


Jian Yang

Lacey Jones is also here. Jones took up residence in Hong Kong a while back and has become a frequent visitor to PokerStars LIVE Macau.

Jones cashed in the Red Dragon earlier this year and finished 3rd in the ACOP Ladies Championship last year. She's still hunting for her first major title on Asian territory.

Jones sticks out in most crowds, especially here, because...well, she's Lacey Jones:


Lacey Jones

The current player count is now up to 115 players. Tournament staff has indicated that if he cross 121 entries, we'll be on tied with the record-setting Macau Millions from 2011, which drew 1,349 entries.

It's gonna be a big one folks.