2014 Macau Millions: Pop pop

We almost burst the bubble without having to go hand-for-hand.

When we got down to 33 players, the floor told everyone to stop. There was a brief moment of celebration as some players thought they'd made the top 7 percent.

Not quite yet.

The floor was about to announce hand-for-hand but there was still an all-in still going on. Geng Liu and Maria Bernadette Lina were all-in and a crowd rushed over to see the action. Lina turned over Q♣Q♠ and was in good shape against Liu's [10d][10c].

The A♥2♦3♥9♠9♥ board brought no surprises for Lina and she doubled up to about 67,000. Liu on the other hand was left with just 31,000.


Maria Bernadette Lina doubling up with ladies

Then, at the same table, the bubble burst the following hand.

None of the players were the same but the action was similar. Hsien Ching Feng raised to 18,000 from under-the-gun and Chenxiang Miao -- who was seated on his left -- moved all-in for 48,000.

Action folded back to Feng and he called. The two players flipped over their cards but a swift Filipino floorman came running over to stop them.


Hsien Ching Feng (left), Gerardo "Swift Filipino Floorman" Alim (center) and Chenxiang Miao (right)

There was still action on other tables. After the rest of the tournament concluded their shenanigans, the final hand of Day 1E played out.

There was another pair of tens as Feng showed [10c][10s]. Miao was at-risk and in trouble with 9♠9♦.

The board came 6♠Q♦J♦A♣3♦ and the tournament came to a halt. Miao became the Day 1E bubble and 32 players advanced to Day 2.

One Day 1 to go.

Stay tuned for a full wrap of today's events.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.