APPT8 Manila Day 1A: PokerStars Player Daniel Belov leads the way

Having favoured Cebu for the last few years, the Asia Pacific Poker Tour returned to Manila for the first time since 2010 and Season 4 where Binh Nguyen won $260,700.

With a brand new location for the tournament, the Metro Card Club in Pasig City, Danny McDonagh, the President of the tour told us he was expecting 200 - 300 players and while he was hopeful the numbers would be over the higher mark, he admitted he'd be disappointed to get less than 200.


PokerStars Player Daniel Belov finished the day as chipleader

With registration open for the first four hours (to the end of level five) there were 107 entries in total but only 35 players were left standing at the end of the eight and a half levels. Leading at the end of the day was PokerStars Player Daniel Belov from Estonia. Belov ended the day with 177,500 to finish far and away ahead of Yong Cheong Foo (140,000) who finished in second place.

It was a day of mixed fortunes for our two Team PokerStars Pros. Celina Lin had a good start before suffering an early setback but continued to grind until the very end. Right before the end of play, she lost a 50,000 chip pot when she ran pocket tens in a short stack's pocket jacks. With 35,400 Lin will still be able to come back on Sunday with just under 30 big blinds - a perfectly manageable stack.


Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin's stack saw both highs and lows

Vivian Im's day did not go as well, the Korean lady admitted that she seemed to lose lots of little pots before eventually getting all her chips in with pocket tens but her opponent spiked a set with pocket eights. Im will be back again tomorrow, planning to hopefully run up a decent stack before the Season 8 APPT Manila Welcome Party which starts at 10pm at 71 Gramercy.


Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im will be back to take another shot tomorrow

With the Player of the Year race hotting up, there was some movement as Kenneth Leong moved into the top five thanks to a fifth place finish in the Manila Cup. Hao Chen and Pete Yen Han Chen were among the challengers in today's field. Hao Chen busted about halfway through the day but Yen Han Chen finished seventh in chips with 86,700 which could prove very useful if he can make the money on Sunday.

For the rest of the players that were eliminated, there's always a second chance with Day 1B starting at 1pm tomorrow. In the meantime, you can find all the chip counts and some more detailed hands at the top of this section.

In the meantime, enjoy this video interview Nicky Pickering did with Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin earlier today!