APPT8 Macau Day 1b: Prolific poker playing ladies

JJ Liu and Celina Lin. Two women who know how to play poker. And play it well, mind you. One is a veteran of many decades and the other has burst onto the scene during this decade. One is a Team PokerStars Pro and one a WPT champion. Both are playing Day 1b of the APPT Macau Main Event.

"It's nice to have JJ Liu here," APPT President Danny McDonagh announced to PokerStars LIVE Macau. "She's a WPT champion and one of the most celebrated women in the history of poker."

Celebrated is a good word to describe Liu. The veteran of poker has cashed for $2,711,470 in tournament results, which includes that WPT victory McDonagh alluded to and three other WPT top ten finishes. Liu also has, remarkably, cashed in well over 150 separate tournaments over the years.

That's a lot of trips to the payout desk.

These sorts of results are good to see Liu 6th on the All-Time women's tournament winnings list and any major results here at APPT Macau will help propel even higher up that leader board.


JJ Liu

If JJ Liu, with 159 cashes in the USA alone and 27 WSOP cashes, is one of the most prolific women poker players in North America, then Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin is certainly one of the most prolific players at PokerStars LIVE Macau.

Lin's first cash in any poker tournament ever was... You guessed it, this very tournament. In fact, it was back in 2007 and was the inaugural edition of the APPT Macau Main Event. Lin finished 24th for a mincash, which Lin recently spoke about in a blog. Since then as posted an astonishing 45 tournament results at PokerStars Macau alone.

Those results of course include the two Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon titles which make her the only two-time victor of that prestigious event.

Lin has started quite well here on Day 1b of the APPT Macau Main Event and told us at the first break of the day that things are travelling along nicely.

"I have quite a tough table," Lin said. "But I'm playing well and running well and so I'm already up to 35,000."

That's quite a nice stack at this early stage considering players started with only 20,000 in chips.


Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin

No women has ever won the APPT Macau Main Event.

Could that change this week?

Of course it could. Especially if Lin and Liu have any say in it.