APPT8 Macau Day 2: Daniel Demicki dominates money day

Friday in the PokerStars LIVE Macau at the City of Dreams poker room was a busy one, but ultimately we are down to 51 players and edging ever-closer to the final table.

The one player who has a larger stack than his 50 competitors is a Polish fellow by the name Daniel Demicki. He will start the penultimate day with 585,000 in chips. That's just ahead of his nearest opponent Jiajun Liu (577,000) and well in front of Hao Tian (481,500), Xue Qian Wu (396,500) and Michael Kanaan (392,500).


Chip leader, Daniel Demicki

When Day 2 of the APPT8 Macau Main Event began there were 206 players hoping to survive the night and ultimately make it into the money.

Unfortunately 146 players were left bitterly disappointed.

One of those players was perhaps more disappointed than 145 others.

That player was Frangky Tegoeh from Indonesia.

It was actually a bit of a task to work out that Tegoeh was the bubble boy. You see, heading into the last level there were 67 players left - seven players from the money. All seven of those players were eliminated in quick succession and the tournament clock had to be paused while APPT President Danny McDonagh did a count of heads to verify the numbers.

Usually there would be some hand-for-hand play when 61 players remained in this situation, but the action was so furious that hand-for-hand was skipped as we quickly made it into the money. We were informed by the staff that Tegoeh was officially the last player eliminated before the clock was paused and so he was deemed the official bubble.

When it was finally announced to the room that they had made the money there were a few claps and cheers before it was back to business. At this stage there was just around 30 minutes remaining in the night and during that time nine players finished with some cash for their effort. You can find who those players were in the payouts tab on the live updates section at the top of the APPT8 Macau page.

Long before the cash was even on the horizon, three Team PokerStars Pros put on a bit of a magic show and vanished from the tournament in quick succession.

Bryan Huang was the first of the three to hit the rail, running his pocket kings into pocket rockets. Next out was Celina Lin when she ran her pocket tens into trip queens. Wu then followed Lin out the door, finding his K♦9♦ all in preflop against pocket fours and not being able to improve.


Raymond Wu and Celina Lin started the day seated next to each other

Once all three Team Pros were eliminated, Huang tweeted a joke that they should all meet in the bar to lament their loss. However, considering there are so many great side events on offer at PokerStars LIVE Macau, there was no time for bar shenanigans.

Plenty of players fared far stronger than Lin, Huang and Wu, including one of the most prominent female poker players in the world in JJ Liu. Having started the day with the fourth smallest stack overall, Liu was always going to need to do a lot of work to make it through to Day 3. Liu grinded away and ended up finishing with 89,000.


JJ Liu has over $2.7 million in tournament results

Liu was part of a cohort of three women who were doing well late on Day 2, which included Emi Hibuse and Kitty Kuo. In the end Kuo was eliminated, while Hibuse bagged up 90,500 and will join Liu at the felt on Day 3.

Some of the others who will join Liu, Hibuse, and all the big stacks we mentioned earlier, at the felt on Day 3 include Billy "The Croc" Argyros, Peter Chan, Linh Tran, Kai Yat Fam, Henrik Tollefsen and Sailesh Verma. You can find a full list of the chip counts and the Day 3 seating draw in the live updates section of the APPT8 Macau page.

All the surviving players will return at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday and fight it out for one of the nine spots on the final table. Be sure to return to the PokerStarsBlog then and find out who stays in contention to win the latest Asia Pacific Poker Tour title!