APPT8 Macau Day 2: The power of three

Three out of 70 isn't many.

That's the amount of female players still alive as the APPT8 Macau Main Event edges towards the money.

As is the case in most poker tournaments around the world, in terms of raw numbers, the odds aren't in the ladies favour.

However, the three girls who have chips in front of them tonight are three very talented players and won't be going down without a fight.

The lady who is fairing the best at the moment is Hui Chen Kuo or as she is better known, "Kitty".

Any avid fans of poker who use Twitter might recognise Kitty as the player who sends hilarious tweets. Like this one from Day 1 of APPT Macau: "What the heck? They are so bad! Whole fish swimming on my table!"

Whole fish are the best kind of fish.

Kuo has had a great Day 2 as she started the day with 16,700 in chips and has increased that to above 150,000 as we head into the late stages of the night. Remember that the blinds started at 500/1,000 today, so Kuo managed to run up a stack of around 15 big blinds to sit as one of the larger stacks around 10 players off the money.

Ranked 9th on China's All-Time money list, Kuo is one of the most successful female poker players who regularly takes to the felt of PokerStars LIVE Macau. Kuo's biggest result came in this very room as she took down the 2009 Red Dragon Main Event for a large HK$557,230. Kuo could top that amount if she finishes 5th or better here at APPT8 Macau Main Event and we are sure she will be hoping to do just that.

One of the other three ladies goes by the name Emi Hibuse and she might not be doing as well as Kuo, but still has 70,000 in chips with blinds at 1,500/3,000.

Hibuse will really be hoping to break through with a big victory here in the APPT8 Macau Main Event. Of course, everyone is hoping for that same thing, but Hibuse especially.

This is because over and over again Hibuse has done very well in side events at the various series at PokerStars LIVE Macau, but has never managed a big result in a Main Event.

Hibuse has made five final tables at PokerStars LIVE Macau side events, won two of them and even made three final tables at side events over at APPT Seoul in South Korea.


Emi Hibuse is happy to be at the felt

Kuo and Hibuse may not be overly recognisable to poker fans outside of the asia-pacific, but JJ Liu certainly will be. To put it quite simply, Liu is one of the most prominent female poker players of all time.

Liu has more than US$2.7 million in tournament results on her resume, which places her 6th on the Women's All-Time tournament earner list. One of the only stats that has eluded Liu is an APPT Main Event result. If things go Liu's way, that could change later tonight.


JJ Liu and her lucky beret

It's actually quite surprising that Liu is currently alive in the tournament. Not because we ever doubted her talent, more because she started the day with just ten big blinds and the fourth smallest stack out of the 206 returning players.

Liu is once again one of the shortest stacks in the room with just 38,000 or in other terms, just a little more than ten big blinds. Maybe this is where Liu is most comfortable. She seemed pretty confident with a short stack in her interview with Nicky Pickering, which you can find at the bottom of this blog.

The plan for today is to play through the 15th level. The only way that will change is if we make the money and APPT President Danny McDonagh decides to stop play after the bubble bursts. Either way you are going to want to stay tuned to the live updates at the top of the APPT8 Macau page and make sure you stay in the loop as we are now getting to the truly exciting stages of the tournament!