APPT8 Macau Millions: Last two, top two

We're down to two tables and our final 19 players -- one table is playing 10-handed -- and Munkhbat Tudgen is not one of them.

The Mongolian player who clinched the lead just less than an hour ago quickly spread the chip wealth to his table. One player who got a large portion of those chips was Jay Vaswani, who now leads the tournament with about 140,000.


Jay Vaswani

Tudgen's demise was painful and he couldn't stop the downturn. During another lost all-in, Tudgen was left with one solitary 500 chip. He smiled and while his opponents urged him on with tales of "a chip and a chair," Tudgen left the tournament, abandoning his chip and chair.


Tudgen and the chip he later abandoned

On the other hand, Orjan Skommo is far from abandoning his spot. Skommo appears to be second in chips with about 90,000, with lots of his chips coming from eliminations.

In his most recent one, Skommo held A♦K♠ from under-the-gun while his opponent tabled J♦J♠.

It was a flip that fell heavily in Skommo's favor. The board ran A♦3♣4♥A♠[10c] to give Skommo the set and the elimination.

The next hand, a short-stacked player moved all-in from under-the-gun and action folded to Skommo in the big.

"Please don't," the at-risk player pleaded when Skommo looked at his hand a few times.
"Seven-deuce," someone suggested.

Skommo finally acquiesced with a fold and turned over the Brunson, ten-deuce.

Orjan Skommo.jpg

Orjan Skommo

While Vaswani and Skommo hold the lead, the blinds aren't slowing and we still need to lose nine players.

Anything can happen.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.