APPT8 Macau Millions: Numbers

Poker is a game of many things, and many of those things are numbers.

We've already gone over the suspicious amount of Ms and 7s present in the field, but now we have some official ones.

Day 1A of the Macau Millions drew a total of 134 entries, 11 of which were re-entries. Two of those, as we mentioned before, belonged to Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin. Now though, there are no Lins left.

0-14 for Lin. Fourteen is divisible by 7, coincidence?

That initial field has been more than halved as only about 65 players remain. But these players will have to continue the slaughter before we call it a day.

Since only 7 percent of the field can survive, we'll be finishing the day when we get down to 10 players. With 25-minute levels, tournament staff and poker wizards predict that the day should be done in about seven hours.

More sevens.

Tournament staff also expects that we'll beat the previous field of 1,329 entrants. To do that, we'll need 1,195 entries throughout the next five Day 1s. With poker's ever growing popularity in Asia and a huge influx of tourists due to a Rolling Stones concert this weekend, things are looking good.

While the tournament is still a week away from an official prize pool, there's another list of numbers a few players keep eyeing.

There's a black screen and a tiny golden house by the registration desk. The screen lists the current Asia Player of the Year standings while the little golden trophy lists past winners.


Currently topping that leaderboard is Victor Teng, with 2,400 points. Recent MPC 20 champion, Buyanjargal Bold, is in a very close second. Bold has the same amount of points, but has HKD $6,000 less in winnings.

It's a very close race as Percy Yung is at 2,400 but has HKD $339,000 less than Teng. Out of the three, only Yung made an appearance today.

They need those precious points.

With the exception of APPT Seoul, APOY points can only be won here, in the City of Dreams. This makes the winner a local celebrity in the PokerStars LIVE room and encourages them to be all over the PokerStars LIVE events.

After a two-year hiatus, the Macau Millions is back on that list of events and players are ready to take advantage of that.

The last player that won the Macau Millions, Shaq Lin, went on to to win the APOY that year. Millions, fame, sponsorship and immortality on a tiny golden house are all possible for the price of HKD $2,200.

2011 Macau Millions winner Shaq Lin (resized).jpg

Shaq Lin after his Macau Millions victory

Alexander Villegas is wary of sevens for the PokerStars Blog.