APPT8 Manila Day 1B: A field rich with notable players

Today's Day 1B field is already looking much bigger than yesterday's equivalent with 143 players having taken their seats so far. Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im and 2014 Macau Millions champion Hao Chen are both firing their second bullet in this event, as are the 2011 Macau Poker Cup Championship winner Raiden Kan and APPT Seoul runner-up Christian Haggart.


Jae Kyung 'Simba' Sim, winner of APPT7 Cebu

Perhaps one of the best known players who entering for the first time is Jae Kyung 'Simba' Sim, who is the defending champion of the APPT Philippines event. Sim won APPT Cebu last year picking up $95,487 for his efforts. Since then Sim has had success around the world with results in places as far as Australia, Las Vegas and a third place finish at the APPT's sister tour, the Italian Poker Tour, where he finished 3rd at IPT San Remo for €75,000. Sim has spent the last few weeks in Vegas but flew to Manila just to defend his title.


That's actually the line to enter the tournament, not to exit it.

Yesterday I mentioned how Kenneth Leong had finished fifth in the Manila Cup, picking up some valuable Player of the Year points which elevated him to fifth in the current rankings. Today he'll be hoping to pick up even more although his table won't be particularly easy, he's sharing it with the aforementioned Raiden Kan.

Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang has not made it to Manila this time, some sort of "event" going on in Las Vegas called the World Series of Poker? Yes, I've never heard of it either. However, it doesn't mean that Huang's family have gone unrepresented at the APPT. Huang's father, Jack Ng Yow Hui, managed to qualifier online at PokerStars and will fly the flag in his son's absence.


The Metro Card Club is completely full today

Finally, representing the home country of the Philippines are father and son duo, Wally and Brian Sombero. Wally is considered the Philippines' "Godfather of Poker" and "Wally's Room" here at the Metro Card Club is named after him and is the place for to go if you're looking for some high-stakes action.

Meanwhile, if you're wondering about what happened during yesterday's Day 1A then Nicky Pickering and APPT President Danny McDonagh have the answers for you.