APPT8 Manila Day 1B: The old and the new

Throughout the Metro Card Club here in Manila the dealers are anxiously setting up stacks of 20,000 chips for the players who are entering today. Each player has paid 50,000PHP for the privilege of playing in Season 8's Asia Pacific Poker Tour event here in Manila but not everyone here is a new face.

Many of those who entered yesterday were unfortunate enough to be eliminated but the "repecharge" format of this event has meant redemption and a second chance at glory.


Racks upon racks of chips nervously await being thrown around by unforgiving players

The benchmark from yesterday was made by PokerStars Player Daniel Belov of Estonia who ended Day 1A with 177,500, nearly 40,000 ahead of his nearest rival Yong Cheong Foo (140,000). Today as play just begins, there are already 97 players sitting in their seats with an orderly queue gradually forming at the registration desks at the far side of the room.

Team PokerStars Pro will be represented today by Vivian Im. The Korean lady already has one APPT title under her belt here in the Philippines and is gunning for her second. Yesterday her day did not prove so profitable after she was eliminated in the latter half of the day when her pocket tens were cracked by another player's pocket eights.


Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im heads once more unto the breach

Last night APPT President Danny McDonagh admitted he would be disappointed if the event had under 200 runners but that's something he won't have to worry about as the total number of players for both starting days is already at 214. Registration will remain open for the first five levels of play until around 5:20pm so if you're thinking of coming at some point this afternoon then that time will be your deadline.

Remember, you can find hands, chip counts and live updates at the top of this section and if you're stuck at home and wondering what Manila is really like (spoiler - it's pretty awesome) then let Nicky Pickering be your guide in the video below.