APPT8 Manila Day 1B: Time to cash in

"I don't care too much for money 'cos money can't buy me love."

Well, "The Beatles", if that isn't just some silly made-up name, then you clearly have not played an Asia Pacific Poker Tour event because money is what this tournament is all about.

The prize pool has just been announced as 11,349,000PHP (US$260,777) with 3,472,000PHP (US$79,780) being award to the winner of the APPT8 Manila event. This includes a HK$100,000 entry to the 2014 ACOP Main event. Just making the final table will earn you at least 242,000PHP (US$5,561).


We're having a thrilla in Manila! (sorry)

In total, there were 260 entries into this year's APPT Philippines event, 102 more than last year's event in Cebu. There will be 28 places paid in total with each player receiving a minimum of 76,000PHP (US$1,746).

In terms of players, there were 27 different countries represented over the past two days. The Phillipines obviously had the largest number of players with 73 entries - this constituted over a quarter of the total field.

Korea, Australia and Japan rounded out the top four which accounted for over half of the field. China, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia and the United Kingdom all provided decent numbers while just a solitary player came from Estonia, France, Macau, Portugal, Slovenia and Sweden. Below is a full breakdown of the numbers in delicious pie-form, everyone likes a pie.


A pie chart just for you, because we care

As for today's field, there are now just 78 players remaining from the initial field of 153. Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im was eliminated after she check-called all in on the river with pocket kings, believing her opponent had missed a flush draw. The Korean player was correct but unfortunately for her, her opponent had backdoored into a straight instead to eliminate her. With just under an hour left of play, Seung Soo Jeon looks to be the chip leader with roughly 103,000 though he'll need to increase that significantly if he is to challenge the Day 1A chip leader Daniel Belov.