APPT8 Manila Day 2: Busted? There are other options...

It's said that the worst thing about poker tournaments is that everyone bar one person goes home unhappy. However, there's always another tournament to play and this week in Manila, it's no different.

With the just over a level and a half played, around a third of the remaining players have already been eliminated from the tournament today but they won't have to sit around for long. There are already six cash game tables open for those looking to get away from tournaments. But for those who are gluttons for more punishment then there is the 20,000PHP bounty event which starts at 3pm.


Wally Sombero, considered "the Godfather" of poker here in the Philippines, busted early on

Anyone wishing to play this tournament will see 4,000PHP of their buy-in placed as a bounty on their head, payable only on elimination. The rest of the entry will go towards the prize pool of course. As the tournament has started, there's about 30 or so players who have entered with the numbers expected to rise as more players are eliminated this afternoon.

Later on this evening at 7pm, there is two-day 100,000PHP event - a sort of "High Roller" if you will although it has not been announced as such. APPT President Danny McDonagh believes that the tournament should get somewhere between 30 and 40 players but, "it just depends on what happens during the main event."

Earlier this week, the Manila Cup saw 116 runners stump up 10,000PHP to create a prize pool of over one million Philippine pesos. Seung Jennens of Canada took the title, winning 262,000PHP (US$6,020) in the first side event of the week. There were also valuable POY leaderboard points for Kenneth Leong who finished 5th in this event.

Last night saw Soo-jo Kim and Ji-woon Kim win the 20,000PHP team event, pocketing 104,520PHP (US$2,401). An unusual format, the structure had players from each team alternate every level until the final table was reached. Then they would alternate between the two players every round until the final three teams were left. At this point both players on each team would play the hand together against the other two teams.


Casey Kastle was one of many players eliminated in the first few levels

Tomorrow at 3pm, the final event will be a 15,000PHP one-day deepstack event and will certainly represent a change of pace for those players looking for a little more bang for their buck. Anyone who is unfortunate enough to not make the money in the main event will be hoping that it will be a final shot at redemption.

And while our players have been checking out of the main event, Nicki Pickering has been helping out here in Manila: