APPT8 Manila Day 2: The most important poker tournament going on today

Apparently, there's some sort of big poker event going on Las Vegas today but to the 95 players who have returned for Day 2 of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour event here in Manila, it will be of no concern. It's probably the goal of many a player to play in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker, but equally important are tours like the APPT as they support poker's grassroots on which the entire industry is based.

A couple of the players look to be nursing sore heads, having no doubt highly enjoyed last night's spectacular Welcome Party at 71 Gramercy. Nevertheless, all the remaining players have comfortably sat down in their seats on nine-handed tables ready for another day's play.

APPTManila2014_MainEvent_Day1B_003 (1).jpg

The "all-in" triangles will be seeing a lot of action today

APPT President Danny McDonagh expects the tournament to play either eight or nine levels today but we're not expected to reach the final table. However, the day will not end until we are at least down to the final two tables. The tournament as a whole is meant to last 26 levels so there will still be lots of play left for the final day tomorrow.

With the exit of Vivian Im yesterday, Team PokerStars Pro will be represented solely by Celina Lin. Lin was doing well towards the end of Day 1A but lost a sizeable chunk of chips when she lost with tens to a short stack's jacks. She begins the day with 35,400 which is good for just under 30 big blinds at this point.


Seung-Soo Jeon, chip leader at the start of Day 2

The chip leader overall is Seung-Soo Jeon who amassed a very impressive 203,800 yesterday to take the overall chip lead ahead of Day 1A chip leader, PokerStars Player Daniel Belov (177,500). Making up the top five chip leaders are PokerStars Qualifier Yong Cheong Foo (140,000), Ronald Singson, (133,600) and Elan Zak, (131,600).

Pete Yen Han Chen, who is aiming to win the 2014 Asia Player of the Year award is a good position with 86,700 while Casey Kastle (26,100) is also still around.

With just 28 players getting paid, we'll be guaranteed to hit the money at some point today. Stay tuned to the PokerStars Blog as we bring you all the latest news from Manila! In the meantime here is the latest edition of Nightly Notables with Nicki Pickering and Danny McDonagh: