APPT8 Manila Day 3: Believing in Bernie

The tournament has suddenly exploded - figuratively I mean. From starting five-handed at the beginning of this level, it's taken less than 30 minutes for two more players to be eliminated. Not only that, the crowd are still happy because their beloved Bernie Angeles is still in with a shout.


Sameer Rattonsey suffered a bad beat to go out in 5th position

Thanh Ha Duong raised preflop to 65,000 and Michael Guzzardi made the call, then Sameer Rattonsey squeezed, moving all in. Duong made the call and Guzzardi folded. Rattonsey showed A♣A♥, dominating Duong's 4♦4♠. But that was only preflop, there were still five more cards to get through before the Indian player could be confirmed a double up.

Instantly Duong flopped a set on the 3♦4♣5♠ board, Rattonsey had an inside straight draw for a total of six outs but he couldn't manage to hit on the K♥ turn or 5♥ river. Cheers and applause quickly followed from the crowd - every time someone busted it means that their guy Bernie Angeles was one step closer to the APPT title.


Daniel Giang lost a flip to go out in 4th place

Almost straight after Rattonsey's unfortunate exit, Duong would eliminate Daniel Giang. Giang pushed for just over 300,000 from the button and Duong made the call in the smal blind with 4♠4♣. Giang showed Q♥T♦ and the pair went off to the races. The board came 2♣A♣3♥9♠J♦. Once again there was applause (for Giang) and cheers (for Bernie).


Bernie Angeles is the clear crowd favourite

If they're wanting Angeles to win, then the Filipino player faces a long climb to the top of the hill. He's the short stack with just over 300,000 at this point whereas both Duong and Guzzardi are comfortably over the two million mark. Nevertheless, Angeles and the local crowd remain undeterred - every pot won is cheered, applauded and greeted with shouts of "Lets go Bernie!" It hasn't affected either of the other players, Duong remains completely focused while Guzzardi is simply laughing and enjoying the atmosphere that the crowd have brought to this final.

Can Bernie Angeles complete a stunning comeback? Click on the link here and follow the live updates to find out.