APPT8 Manila Day 3: It's Guzzardi vs Duong for the title

Unfortunately for Bernie Angeles and his fan club, the dream is over but it sure was fun while it lasted. After his exit, we feared that a good portion of the crowd, who have contributed so much to the atmosphere today, would leave but luckily the vast majority have hung around.

It had started off so well for Angeles, he doubled up when calling all in with A♦8♠ from the big blind against Michael Guzzardi's small blind holding of T♠8♥. Then a few hands later Angeles was all in with A♣9♥ against Guzzardi's A♦Q♦. The board ran out A♠Q♠4♠2♠J♠ causing the loudest cheers I've ever heard for a chopped pot. In truth, if you hadn't known what was going on you would have assumed that someone had just won the tournament.


Bernie Angeles finished in third after an admirable perfomance

Angeles was just one card from being heads-up at one point, Thanh Ha Doung raised/called all in with K♠J♠ against Guzzardi's A♦Q♦ but the board came T♠7♠7♣T♣7♥ for yet another split pot.

Guzzardi was finally able to eliminate one of his foes when Angeles shoved all in over the top of a bet on a 7♥T♣6♦ board. Guzzardi quickly called with A♥T♥ and Angeles 6♣2♦ was massively behind and could not hit on the K♠ turn and Q♣ river.


Michael Guzzardi (left) has a big chip lead going into the heads-up against Thanh Ha Duong (right)

This has left Guzzardi with a massive chip lead against Duong. The Australian has around 4.4 million to Duong's 800,000 - a 5.5:1 lead. At this point the blinds are 20,000/40,000 so Duong will still have some time to find his spot. If the Vietnamese player can manage just one double up then things could get very interesting. Earlier, Guzzardi had remarked to us that he and Duong had played against each other a lot over the last 24 hours. Because of this Guzzardi was surprised at this point that they were both still in and that one hadn't eliminated the other.

Which of our two players will triumph and become the new APPT Manila champion? Stick with our live updates to find out!